Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekly Update: PTD 2 Mode: 1 vs 1, Title Screen Contest, Avatar chat is evolving!

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Hey guys and gals! Sam here giving you the weekly update for Sam and Dan Games. I just released a new alpha version of Pokemon Tower Defense 2. This release doesn't give you anything to play but it does reveal the subtitle for the game! Drum-roll please!...... Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Johto's Shadow!

I think this game will be slightly more darker than the previous one. I will still have funny moments and all the colorful stuff but I think the characters will be put into more dangerous situations than the last. But overall it will still be rated E for everyone so you don't have to worry about it.

If you have been following my twitter you might have noticed my dislike of making menus... I really just don't like them.... XD. They take a long time to make even if they are simple. If you look at the new version you can see that there isn't a lot there but all of that took me two days of work to get. I can't tell you how many times I tweaked something because it didn't look right or changed a color or tried something different. Now that I've finally revealed what I want in the title screen it's a good time to talk about the title screen contest!

Title Screen Contest
Okay so I know a lot of you worked on your submissions but you will have to tweak it to include all the buttons and the subtitle from this version. The idea this time around is to have multiple title screens, that either appear randomly or the user can choose his favorite and just keep that one. So that means multiple winners! I haven't determined the prize yet but. since there will be multiple winners the prize will most likely be SnD Coins that you can use on whatever you want. To submit your entry just email me at with your entry attached and subject "PTD 2 Title Screen Contest". The size should be 800width by 480 height. Make sure to include everything in the title screen currently on PTD 2 and good luck! I will post up the top 10 entries in 3 weeks and let you guys vote for your favorite!

Avatar chat is evolving!

I didn't mention our other game Creature Online Universe (Codename ANPO)  last week because I wanted to keep the focus on PTD 2, but this week I have more news on it. This game is a really long term project that will keep changing and evolving as it goes and in the end who knows what it will be like. It's like a living thing! Essentially this game will revolve around playing with other players online similar to an MMO but yet vastly different at the same time. Because of this, one of the first things that will show up in the game is just players chatting in a location, which sounds exactly like the Avatar Chat! So the avatar chat will be getting new avatars that will essentially be your character in Creature Online Universe.  Right now in the avatar chat you pretty much just have this one rectangle to live in and you can't leave it. So this first step is to have more room to walk around in. Then after that have building that you can go in. Then homes that you can buy, rent or sell. And so on. The Avatar chat will be evolving into what eventually will be Creature Universe! Just as a note: I'm mentioning this now but I don't have a specific date as to when this will actually happen. So just stay tuned every week.

PTD 2 Mode: 1 vs 1
Looking at the poll One vs One is pretty much the winner! So this is what I will focus on first. The idea is that you start with a very basic pokemon and as you battle more you will unlock more pokemon to battle with. Each time trying to get farther and farther earning more rewards to help you come back and try again. As I mentioned in the last blog this mode will be a nice way for me to give you guys something substantial to play while the story mode is worked on. But even this mode won't be made in a couple of days so please be patient. A good thing about this mode is that it rewards your account with some pokemon the farther you get. In the mode the pokemon that you will use will not be available to use in the story mode/pokemon center. But as you get farther and reach certain goals you will get achievements that will give you pokemon as rewards and those you will be able to use in the story mode and will count for your pokedex.

This time around a lot of the rewards that you will get will not revolve around generation 2. My thought right now is that most mystery gifts and achievement rewards will be pokemon from other generations. So look forward to that!

That is all I have for you guys this week, follow me on twitter for constant updates and come back on Thursday for some new Hero Tower Defense news. As always let me know what you think!