Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Progress! Mid-week edition.

Welcome to this week's edition of the Weekly Progress, I'm your host Sam Otero here bringing you the goods! But first a word from our sponsors!

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Okay we are back on air and ready to roll. If you have read my past blogs you will know that right now I'm concentrating on security, so this week's update will be all about that. Unfortunately new content will have to wait while I make the game secure.

But just like last week I will squeeze in a new pokemon hunt along with a new achievement. The pokemon hunt and achievement will be like before the hunt will get you the non shiny version and the achievement will get you the shiny version and also like last week it will be a pokemon that you can't capture in the game currently. I will post a poll with 3 possible achievement challenges and you guys will decide what gets in the game.

Speaking of achievements, I made a change on my achievement server code. Now you can receive the achievement reward 3 times! You only have to do the achievement once for all your profiles but now you get 3 rewards instead of just one. Enjoy! Note: This works right now on v3.1.5, you don't have to wait for the new update to receive the rewards.

Also I wanted to publicly thank a good friend Haplo the owner of Haplo Rp Haven for helping me basically cut out most of the regular and shiny pokemon sprites. Thanks Haplo!

What's coming this weekend:
  • Must have an online profile to play. (100%)
  • Internet required to log into the profile (100%)
  • Auto Saving online (100%) - The game will try to save your profile online at certain points in the game (example: After you quit or finish a level) if you are online the game will save automatically. If you don't have internet at the time the game will show a message asking you to try again or to cancel. Meaning you can play offline but if you don't save at some point and close the game all the progress you made won't be saved. So you have to be online to log in, but you can then play offline until you decide to stop. When you decide to stop go back online and trigger a save. If you are always online on the phone or computer then just play normally.
  • Trading Center (Postponed for during the week)
  • Transfer between profiles (Postponed for during the week)
  • New pokemon for hunt and achievement (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add this pokemon's stats to the game (100%)
    • New move (1) (100%)
  • New Evolution for hunt and achievement pokemon (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add this pokemon's stats to the game (100%)
  • Add Achievement (100%)
  • Distribution (0%)
    • Pokemon Tower Health (100%) - You will now notice a health bar on top of your towers. Right now none of the moves in the game will hit your pokemon. So this change really has no real meaning yet. In the future for "Advanced Mode" moves can hit your towers, and moves can heal your towers.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Making Staryu show up in the pokedex after you evolve it to Starmie (100%)
      • Pressing back after selecting a level will now take you to the correct chapter (100%)
      • Starmie will now learn the proper TMs (100%)
      • Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock not dissapearing (100%)
    As always I will be updating this as I work on it during the week. Let me know what you think!


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