Monday, August 1, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.4 out now! A little bit of everything, apologies and promises.

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Okay let's get to it!

What's new in v3.4: Click here to read all the details on what was added.
  • New Story Level - Diglett's Cave
  • Level cap up to 42!
  • 2 new pokemon to catch.
  • 1 New NPC Trade pokemon.
  • New Challenge Level - Hard Vermillion Gym
  • 2 New Achievements 
  • Inventory Section in the Pokemon Center (Previously known as the Trading Center)
  • A million and one bug fixes and additions.
Where can I play?
This update was really big! I added a little bit of everything and I hope you guys can enjoy everything. I wanted to share my thoughts and really kind of explain what's going on.

If you had an account before v3.2 then you won't be able to transfer it anymore to v3.4, you will have to start a new account.

I think the last couple of weeks have been really rough on the game, you guys, and me. It's been rough for everybody. Long security updates, losing accounts, losing pokemon.. many sacrifices have been made for a better future. I want to apologies for any lost progress that you might have experienced.

Now is the time to learn from the mistakes and once again move forward.

Adding temporary pokemon that only lasted a week, while fun for some, was overall not the best experience and did more harm than good. I promise never to give you a pokemon then take it away.

So let's talk a little about the update.

Note: The no whirlwind achievement is bugged, the only way to get it is to beat the level with no whirlwind but only have one candy left.

Level cap up to 42, so you have something to do :), some new attacks for your old pokemon.

From now on all the story levels will have your avatar show up, also you can now earn new avatars from beating the new challenge levels and completing achievements (Note: the new achievements are for the challenge level not the story level). Not only that but you can change your avatar by going to the inventory which takes you to the pokemon center (previously known as the trading center), log in there and click on the profile and you will see a new inventory section. You can even change from boy to girl and back again!

On this level I wanted the pokemon to have a lot of HP so that they would be hard to kill. You really have to use type advantages and everything you can to beat the level. (Note: Thanks to you guys for pointing out the whirlwind bug on this level I will take a look at it.)

This update also introduced HMs Cut and Flash. Both can be used in battle and they will also serve other purposes. Flash will be used to light up dark caves and cut is used to cut down odd looking trees. The new NPC trade pokemon will require Cut to get.

I added new popup boxes when a shiny pokemon shows up. The popup box will stop the game for 3 seconds until it disappears. You can also click the box and it will go away. Achievements have a similar box that will show up. The reason for this box is that before if you completed the achievement and the server was busy you wouldn't get the achievement. Now if the server is busy you will have another chance at saving that achievement. It is also good so that you know if you go the achievement or not.

  • Dogs are in the wild, a really low chance of getting them on any story level.
  • They will have red health but they won't be shiny.
  • There is no shiny version of them, and there won't be until this game gets a sequel.
  • You will get a popup when they enter the level.
  • You can get multiple, if you happen to be that lucky.

I really hope that you guys enjoy this update, I'll be posting again tomorrow about the next update coming up.
As always let me know what you think.


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