Monday, November 28, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v5.0 is out! Another week of attempting multiplayer!

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Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v5.0

  • Level Cap Raised to 68 - closer to 100!
  • New Mystery Gift Pokemon- Birthday Victini! You guys voted for which Legendary you wanted as a special gift just in time for my birthday. 
  • Added Raikou, Entei, and Suicune's level up attacks and relearn attacks - If they were previously in the game any new moves will be added in the next update. 
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed when a shiny shows up highlight the speed back to 1x
    • Changed the background color of fainted pokemon so that it doesn't match the leveling up color 

Where can I play?
Hey guys! Thanks guys for making this birthday really stand out for me, I had a lot of fun and took some time to rest and relax with friends and family. Now it's back to business. Not much to say other than Multiplayer is what's coming next and that I'm going to put 100% on getting it done. Like I mentioned before Multiplayer like everything else in the game will be a work in progress. We will start with one map and premade teams for everybody while I slowly but surely add more moves and maps to it. There is also the issue of bandwidth but we will be playing that by ear and see what happens. There is a chance that I will have to shut it down if the bandwidth gets out of control but if we can keep it free that would be wonderful. I want to add moves that are missing for Victini, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Also raise the cap to 70 which will require a couple moves. I know it's been some weeks but bare with me, I will get this done!

v5.1 is now out on the blog. Blog post on monday for official release! Enjoy!

Level cap to 70 (100%)
  • New Moves (100%)
    • Me First (100%) - Mew
  • Change level cap in game (100%)
  • Change level cap in saving code (100%)
  • Implement new level cap in Trading Center (100%)
    Missing Moves for Victini, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune (100%)
    •  Lava Plume (100%) - Entei
    • Searing Shot (100%) - Victini
    • Incinerate (100%) - Victini
    • Endure (100%) - Victini
    • Flame Charge (100%) - Victini
    • V-create will be learned at level 98 for Victini.
    • Fusion Bolt will be learned at level 99 for Victini.
    • Fusion Flare will be learned at level 100 for Victini.
    Adding Seadra and Horsea properly to the Pokedex (100%)
    Removing Shiny Horsea that are hacked, and then adding Shiny Horsea for adoption (100%)
    Multiplayer (100%) - First map, premade teams, can't change moves, randomly either attack or defend, attackers win if they carry the old rod back. Attackers have 1000 energy to use. Defenders win if they don't let the attacker carry the old rod back and the attacker is out of energy. Winning or losing has no rewards or penalties.
    Putting a new pokemon up for trade on my Account samO (100%) - Shiny Horsea is now up for trade on my samO account!
    Added new moves to the Pokemon Center Move List (100%) 
    Removed odd looking reflection on pokeball on the main menu (100%) - :)

    Top 10 Forum Questions of the Week! 

    1. Xehanorto: How do you plan to handle the water routes later in the game? Route 12 was easy as it had the bridges, but for the Seafoam Island routes it will be difficult.
    That's a really good question, I don't really know the answer to that right now. They might require a pokemon with surf to travel them or I might give you a boat or something to travel in.

    2. Robert Conley: Do you have any plans to add more speed multipliers to the game?
    No, I think what we have is fine. Any faster and you might as well just give out free leveling and free shinies.

    3. Ayso24: What would you say is your main motivation for creating such a fantastic Tower Defense game? And one with Pokemon no less? Are you just a HUGE fan of Pokemon or was it an idea that you thought might just work? Is it the fans or the joy in making something that actually is of great quality that pushes you for greater heights in PTD awesomeness?
    I'm a huge original Pokemon fan, I haven't played all the recent ones as much. Creating games is more fun for me than playing them. I've been wanting to make a pokemon game for a while but too afraid of getting shut down and with this one I just went with it. At this point in the game the fans are really the big motivation to finishing it. I feel that I've accomplished what I wanted to accomplish but obviously it's not completed yet. Without fans I wouldn't finish this game.

    4. gogogogo99: Well since your delaying shiny hunt and reimplementing the old way, I got a new question, will there still be a dogs quest? The reason you said there would was because you took out the dogs and shinies, is there still a dogs quest even though they are still in the wild?
    I don't think there will be dog quest. I don't want every player to get a dog. If every player pays for a dog then I can live with that lol.

    5. Miss X: You've added the avatar chat. What will be the next step towards multiplayer?
    Next step is what's happening this week, which is the first map with pre made teams.

    6. Ninja God: How many Mews and how many dogs exist in the game? Or if you don't wanna go that specific, Which are there more of?
    I think they are pretty close with dogs edging Mew out. It's close cause Mew has been around a lot longer and but dogs have more since you can get them in the daily code.

    7. awesome2awesome/Link: To not be boring the heck outta veterans of PTD by doing repeats of mystery avatars, can you put a section in the avatar store in which the previous mystery gift items will be bought? For example in the game corner, so that newer players can obtain them as well?
    Yeah, I doubt I'll revisit old Mystery Gifts and try to include the avatars in different spots.

    8. Ninja God: Could you possibly make it so that there is a send all pokemon to profile button on trade center?
    Yes, all in due time.

    9. Do you plan on adding Waterfall as an HM or only is it only going to be learnable by Goldeen and Seaking?
    Probably add it as an HM at some point.

    10. Grim Reaperchu: Will we be able to catch any legendaries more than once?
    One per profile. Three per account.

    Go to our forums to submit your questions that may show up here on the blog!

    That's what I have for you this week, expect me to update this more often this week, and as always let me know what you think!


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