Monday, December 19, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v5.3.1 release! Hero Tower Defense week! Taking a break!

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Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar! 

What's new in v5.3.1
  • New Multiplayer Map - Multiplayer gets an upgrade, more paths, more choices.
  • New Achievements - Go back to older gyms and win special shadow pokemon.
  • New Level Cap to 72 - Getting close to 100!
  • New Mystery Gift Elf Avatar! - Thanks Kimmy Lube!
  • New Daily Gift Prizes! - Snd Coins and Shadow pokemon have been added to the prize list!
  • New Game Corner Prizes - Shadow Pokemon have been added to the prize list!
  • New Ability - Added Guts to the game, more will come in future updates.
  • Shadow Pokemon! - Added a shadow pokemon a new kind of rare pokemon to collect, exclusively available in the game corner and daily gift. They earn experience at a lower pace and can learn an exclusive TM Shadow Rush.
Where can I play?
Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I'm happy to say that almost everything has been added for this update. The layout will be coming this week along with the new features. Let's talk a little bit about Shadow Pokemon.

Shadow pokemon are meant to be like an anti-shiny. You can't catch them in the wild, you can't buy them with SnD coins and they get less experience per kill. You can get them by completing certain achievements, buying a random one in the game corner or winning one in the daily gift prize. This prevents them from being hackable and it also encourages trading any repeated shadow pokemon with other players. Many have been wondering which pokemon you can get in shadow form. Well pretty much any pokemon that you can get in the game will have a shadow version. This include shadow mew, raikou, entei, suicune, and victini! Also every shadow pokemon has the same chance of showing up. Many of you have asked for me to add new moves and different mechanics from the pokemon video games that came out with shadow pokemon but that was never my intent. These shadow pokemon are just special, they don't need to be cleansed... on this game... Also these pokemon retain their type and they have STAB with their original type. Their only shadow move "Shadow Rush" has the advantage of hitting every type as normal effectiveness.

Other than that this week is going to be about getting Hero Tower Defense out! Because of this my weekly progress will be about different things in HTD. So expect HTD to come out before the 25th and then the week after that I will be taking a break to just spend time with loved ones in bringing in the New Year.

I'll be fleshing out this list as the week goes on.

New Pokemon Center Layout and Features (70%)
Trading my pokemon from my account samO (100%)
Adding a new pokemon for trade (100%) - Shadow Victini!
Finish the first HTD version (100%)

I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday break and as always let me know what you think and thanks for sticking by us!


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