Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 26 - HTD Pre-Alpha v0.007 Release! Fan Made HTD Wiki!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Thursday!

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Go here to read Day 25 of Hero Tower Defense Thursday.

This release contains mostly bug fixes, some little changes, and small additions. A bunch of these were mentioned by you guys in the comments, so thanks for that!

Melee attacks now hit everything in a small area which includes stacked enemies. The Whelp now has a sound effect when it dies and some other sound effects that have been adjusted. We started implementing the graphics for the Character Customization Screen along with some more features (Note: While the character name field works it doesn't save and you won't actually see it anywhere else in the game so it's a bit pointless right now). You can now also remove characters from your party.

Now on to some other things. The poll Kevin had going on his blog for determining the next graphics to be created for the elemental skills has ended. It looks like the order will be: Water, Light, then Nature. We'll be starting on the water skills soon and then the others will follow in time.

We're working on the skill selection screens and hope to have a rough version of that in for next week's release. As the name implies, this screen will allow you to select skills for your characters so you can set them up how you want. Coming up soon will also be profiles which will be handy since it will allow you to retain all your customizations so you don't have to keep setting things up each time you play.

And last but certainly not least, Eba77 commented in the last post that there is a HTD wiki page that has been created by our fans! It can be found here:

Big thanks to everyone who has been contributing and to Eba77 for pointing it out!
We've also added the wiki to the Fan Links/FAQ tab.

What's New:

-Melee attacks now hit all enemies in an small area, including enemies that are stacked on top of each other

-Character Customization Screen Graphics

-Added Rotation buttons to the Character Customization Screen

-Added "Invalid Target" notification

-Added a sound effect for in-game errors (such as the notifications for the target being out of range, etc)

-Added Whelp Death sound effect

-Added Leave Party button so that you can remove characters

-Removed the civilian's weapon

-Fixed overlapping cooldown graphic on abilities

-Fixed a problem with some effects not layering correctly over the enemies

In the Works:

  • Human Male Hair: Swagger Shag (100%)
  • Human Male Cloak (100%)
  • Character Customization Screen Graphics (100%)
  • Party Selection Screen Graphics (40%)
  • Skill Selection Screen (100%)
  • Skill Behavior Screen (50%)

Be sure to check out Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD for HTD concept art, art related works in progress, and more!

As always let us know what you guys think about the game and how we're doing. If there's anything you would like to see or any suggestions you might have be sure to mention them in the comments!



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