Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Creating replayability

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Well that was fun... not! We are finally back up and running here at Sam and Dan games. We had outgrown our GoDaddy Shared Hosting server and had to move to a new Virtual Private Server over on Wired Tree. The process was very painful. This was mainly cause I myself had very little access to the server. I did have access to the files and database so I managed to manually move millions and millions of pokemon over to our new server. They did not like it! But they seem pretty happy now in their new home. As one might expect we went from a really low 7 dollars a month to a bigger 50 dollars a month on web hosting cost. Thankfully you guys have been very supportive and thanks to you guys we are able to cover the cost with no trouble. If we continue to grow you can rest assured that we will continue to upgrade to meet the demand.

Spring semester ended about 3 weeks ago around the time when PTD 1 was finished and I think mentally it put me in relaxed state. After finishing a race the last thing you want to do is start a new one. Now 3 weeks later I've had time to relax, spend time with the loved ones, and think about the next steps.

The reality is that Dan and I wanted Hero Tower Defense to be much farther a long at this point in time. If that would have happened there would have been more time to really get PTD 2 developed and ready to go. As you can see though HTD is still in very early stages so it means that for us to continue surviving PTD 2 and Creature Universe (ANPO) must move forward. This is something that a lot of you wanted so I think it works out for everybody.

For PTD 2 my main priority right now is to create a mode with high replay value. The reason for this is that the story mode will take longer than a week this time around and I want something that you guys can continue to play even when you are done with the story. For these modes I have two different ideas:

One on One Mode: This mode would be very similar to the Champion level in PTD 1. You and your opponent can only use one pokemon at a time. In this mode you would be able battle against a computer character or against other players. You would also be able to do two vs two and three vs three. You would start out with some very basic pokemon and then as you play more you will be able to get new pokemon to use in this mode.

Survival Mode: This mode will be more like a traditional Tower Defense game and more like the traditional levels of PTD 1. Your pokemon won't retain their levels so when you play this mode your pokemon will start at a base level and you will level them up to battle against computer waves coming at you that get harder as time goes on. As you play more you will be able to get new pokemon to use in this mode.

Both of these modes would feature pokemon from Generation 1 to start with but can grow to have pokemon from many generations.

So which mode do you want to see first? Let me know on the blog poll!

Also if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them, as always let me know what you think!


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