Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Progress, Hacker vs Hacker, the poll, shiny legendary beast (dogs), and more!

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Hello hello! Welcome to a brand new week of Sam and Dan games! I'm bringing you the latest news about what is going on with Pokemon Tower Defense 1, PTD 2 and our Creature Game (Project ANPO). Lets get on with it.

First lets look at the progress for what is left of the game, as you can see three new levels are needed, there won't be an update this week since these will take longer than the simple training levels. But I expect the final update to be out the week after, so look forward to some pretty hard battles and the end of the game!
  • Elite 4 (100%) (Fight the elite 4 using the same team but team is completely healed between fights, potions will reset between fights (thanks for asking Kpwbo), any fainted pokemon will be brought back in full health between fights (thanks for asking Ethan))
    • Intro (100%)
    • Layout (100%)
    • Waves (100%)
      • Lorelei Ice Type Battle (100%)
      • Koga's Poison Type Battle (100%)
      • Bruno's Fighting and Rock Type Battle (100%)
      • Lance's Dragon Type Battle (100%)
      • New Moves for the enemy (100%)
        • Freeze all towers (100%)
        • Slippery Floor (100%)
        • Brain Freeze (100%)
        • "Anti" Poison (100%)
    • Ending (100%)
  • Champion Fight (100%)(Champion and Mewthree)
    • Intro (100%)
    • Layout (100%)
    • Waves (100%)
      • Ending (100%) 
    • Unknown Dungeon (Mewtwo and Mew) (100%)
      • Intro (100%)
      • Layout (100%)
      • Waves (100%)
        • New Moves for the enemy (100%)
          • Tower Teleport (100%)
          • Return to Pokeball (100%)
      •  Ending (100%) 
    • Adding new pokemon (100%) - Mewtwo
      • Add to Save Code (100%)
    • Change Lorelei's Character Avatar to the right one (100%) 
    • Fix Bruno's Avatar in the level select screen (100%) 
    • Fixed an issue that would erase your avatars when you bought an avatar in the avatar store (100%)
    • Fixed an issue that does not let you end the level if using a move like sunny day (100%)
    • Added Shadow Mewtwo and Mew to the Game Corner Random Shadow List (100%)
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Blue version players from getting all the waves in the Unknown Dungeon level (100%)
    • Fixed a bug that was not resetting your towers health between levels causing your towers to have a huge amount of health when they shouldn't have that much, removing all challenge (This only happens in the Elite 4 and Champion levels (100%)
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing your pokemon from getting the proper HP boost in the Elite 4 levels (100%)
    • Missing Gym Achievements (100%) 
      • Implement in game (100%)
      • Implement in Server (100%)
      • Remove Shadow Magmar and Shadow Squirtle from Game Corner Random Shadow List (100%)
    • Convert all Legendary Beast (Dogs) to their shiny version from regular (100%) 
      • Add Shiny Graphics (100%)
      • Add Shiny Graphic to the trading center (100%)
      • Change the Adoption Center to Shiny (100%)
      • Convert all current trades to shiny (100%)
      • Convert all account to shiny (100%)
    • Allow the hacked version of the game to use hacked version pokemon to get hacked version legendary birds (100%) (This will show up on v1.0)
    The last two points are of special interest. Converting all Legendary Beast (dogs) to shiny. I never really explained it so I can see why some of you are confused. Well PTD 2 is set on the Johto Region which has Entei, Suicune, Raikou in them. In that game you can expect to catch the regular version without having to pay. So I think people that paid 20 snd coins for them would be very upset that other people can easily get them without paying. Converting them to shiny allows for the regular version to show up in the game while still having the shiny be rare as the beast are now. If you really just want to have them be regular as one person mentioned then you will have to wait until they are available in PTD 2, another possibility is that I convert them but then add the regular ones in the adoption center for a smaller coin price.

    The second point is that in the hacked games you can't get the legendary birds at all. This change will allow you to get them in the hacked version of the game but they will be branded as hacked version.

    Speaking of hacking... I wanted to clarify the different levels of hacking, what I'm okay with and what I'm not okay with. What I do to stop them and what the hell happened this weekend. So first I want to talk about "Hacked version" pokemon and playing the hacked version on various websites like hacked arcade games. Having pokemon with the "Hacked version" tag (that can be seen on the pokemon center) or playing the hacked version games on those sites, (You can see HACKED VERSION in red letters in the main screen) is not something that I'm against. Which is why I asked you guys if you wanted a way to convert from "hacked version" to normal. Since playing the hacked version is not really hacking at all but more like a cheat code. Any other form of hacking, either using cheat engine or any scripts I do not agree with. Recently we have some drama with hackers attacking other hackers and users were caught in the middle of it. I believe everything is resolved now. So lets move on. (If you want to find out more about the whole incident head to our fan run forum.)

    So looking at the poll I can see that the majority wants to be able to convert hacked pokemon back to normal, but a good chunk (29% as of writing this) don't want it. Some might think that it's not fair since you can level up pokemon much faster in the hacked version. But they also have to spend their precious casino coins on clearing hacked pokemon that you can spend on Shadow pokemon. If anything I'm interested to hear what could be tweaked in the idea that would make it so you would agree with it.

    PTD 2
    I get a lot of emails asking me questions or giving me suggestions about PTD 2. While I can't answer them all (I wouldn't be able to get anything else done if I did) I do read them all since it's easier to read and move on that read and think of a good reply to send back. People talk about different things in these emails but the one thing that people talk about the most is transferring pokemon from PTD 1 to PTD 2. So I want to talk in more detail about my current plans (these can change) on the subject.

    1. Yes, you will be able to transfer your pokemon from PTD 1 to PTD 2.
    2. You won't be able to transfer pokemon from PTD 2 to PTD 1 if they don't exist in PTD 1 or have moves that don't exist in PTD 1. Any other pokemon that exist in PTD 1 and has moves from PTD 1 can be transferred back and forth. (By exist I mean that you can capture in PTD 1)
    3. You won't be the same character in PTD 2 that you are in PTD 1 so your pokemon won't obey you when you trade them over unless you have the proper badge. So transferring a level 100 won't mean that you can beat the game easily since that pokemon won't obey you.
    4. You won't be able to trade pokemon from PTD 1 to PTD 2 until you have 4 badges in PTD 2. After you get 4 badges the ability to trade from PTD1 to PTD 2 will be unlocked. 
    5. When you trade a pokemon over to PTD 2 it won't lose any of its experience or level.
    I hope this explains a lot of the questions.

    Creature Universe (Project ANPO)
    I've been so focused on PTD 1 and HTD that I haven't been able to design more for ANPO. If you haven't read the past post for ANPO I suggest you check them out to get all the juicy details.

    Before I conclude, I wanted to say that there won't be any new Mystery Gifts for PTD 1. Also for PTD 2 I'm going to rethink the Mystery Gift to see if there is a better way of making it happen or if I will keep it the same.

    As always let me know what you think! I read all the comments, so even if I don't reply rest assured that I read it. I have to read them to accept or deny them so even if you post doesn't get published I looked at it. :)

    So have a good week and keep coming back to check out my progress and Thursday for HTD! Enjoy!


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