Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hero Tower Defense: Scheduling

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Alright, time for a update on some HTD related stuff. First off as you may have noticed from the title and date of this post is that I will no longer be sticking to a new HTD post every Thursday. Reason being is that sometimes there just isn't much to report since we are taking our time with the new releases even though we are continuously working on it. So it would seem to make more sense to just make a post only when there is something worth posting about rather than trying to fill a weekly requirement. Plus it uses some valuable time that I could be using to work on the game instead. With that said I'll still be posting about HTD fairly often just not as consistently as before.

Now onto business. Sam and I put on our business hats and decided that the best thing for us would be to let Sam focus on getting PTD2 going and put the programming for the new HTD graphics setup on hold. The reason is a pretty clear one, more people want to see PTD2 than HTD and we're all about giving you guys what you want. However, don't mistake this to mean HTD progress is stopping. That's not true at all, all that's on hold for now is the programming part, the graphics are still being worked on. If you've been following Kevin's blow you probably already know this (linke at the bottom of this post). In fact, once Sam gets a playable version of PTD2 out he will be dedicating some extra time to HTD in order to get everything moving again. Another thing to keep in mind is that since the graphics are still being worked on in the meantime that the next release of HTD will contain even more reworked content than we originally planned for.

For those of you that have been looking forward to the next HTD release (like me) and have been patiently waiting, I apologize for the temporary delay but it's ultimately a better route for the company to take. It shouldn't be too much of a delay though really. And for those of you who want to point out Ninja-ja I'll assure you this is a different case because there is more than just one person (me) working on HTD. Plus, a new version of Ninja-ja WILL come out eventually. I just need to find time for it which is scarce these days.

Thanks for all the continued support guys!

In the Works:

  • Design

    • Commander/Player Skills (25%)
    • Stat Progression (5%)
    • Pet System (50%)

  • Graphics

    • Unit: Human Male - Animations (90%)
    • Unit: Race #2 - Concepts (20%)
    • Unit: Race #3 - Concepts (10%)
    • Unit: Fire Gecko - Concepts (80%)
    • Unit: Creature #3 - Concepts (20%)
    • Unit: Creature #4 - Concepts (10%)
    • Weapons: Batch #2 - Assets (20%)
    • Armor: Batch #1 - Assets (10%)

  • Programming

    • Interface: Setup (75%)
    • Unit: Setup (10%)

    Check out Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD for HTD art-related concepts, WIPs, polls, and more!

    Be sure to leave any ideas, suggestions, or other feedback you might have in the comments! Thanks!



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