Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Progress, Pewter Gym Leader Battle and Level 2 for Story Mode

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Hey everyone! I hope you had/are having a good labor day weekend (in the states). I will keep this one pretty short and sweet.

Weekly Progress:
This week we will have a 1v1 level (Released now on v1.15), we finally reached the first gym! Fighting against the Pewter City Gym Leader Brock. Something special about gym fights is that you will get an increase reward for beating them. For one, once achievements are out you will get an achievement for beating the gym and it will include a reward for your story mode profile. Also you will get more coins than usual, I haven't decided the exact amount. I was thinking either having a high flat amount, or a flat amount plus refunding whatever you spent, or a flat amount plus another amount or whatever you spent, whichever is lowest. I'm still working out the exact details but just know that beating the gym will boost up your coin amount since it is a pretty good place to reach. Also it will unlock either all the starters or just one I also haven't decided and I might put a pool up to see which starter should be out.

On the story side of things I'm working towards level two which will have you getting your first starter pokemon. (Released now on v1.16) Last week I did a lot of the infrastructure for saving and creating maps and such. The more of that that I do the easier it will be to make new levels. I have redone a lot of the saving code to make it faster more efficient plus in PTD 2 story mode you have a map so I also have to keep track of where you are and things like what quest have you completed and what not. Before I would just keep track of level attempted and level completed. With this game things are more complicated so there is a lot more time spent building these extra things. I believe it will be worth it in the end since both PTD2 and Creature Universe will gain much from this.

So that is what I'm trying to accomplish this week, below is the actual list that I will keep updating by completing and adding new things.

Alpha v1.16 Progress List: Released Now!
  • Add interactions with objects in the map (100%) - Interaction with signs, tv, etc. 
  • NPC Characters for first level (100%)- Prof and other people that live in New Bark Town
  • Level 2 quest
    • Chikorita Quest (100%)
    • Cyndaquil Quest (100%)
    • Totodile Quest (100%) 
    • Battle Intro (100%)
    • Battle Layout (100%)
    • Battle Waves (100%)
    • Battle  Ending (100%)
  • Add the Town Music (100%)
  • Add Saving your pokemon's info (100%)
Alpha v1.15 New 1v1 Level: Released now!
  • Pewter City Gym Leader Battle 1v1 Mode
    • New Attacks Needed
      • Rock Tomb
      • Custom Onix Attack - Boulder Throw 
      • Leech Seed
      • Vine Whip
      • Stun Spore
      • Pursuit
      • Mud-slap
    •  New Abilities needed
      • Chlorophyll
    • Level Intro
    • Level Layout
    • Level Waves
    • Level Ending
    • New Item Unlocked
      • Implement Item
      • Add limits to how many you can buy of this item
    • New Pokemon Unlocked
      • Add Stats
      • Add Moves
      • Add Graphics
    • Allow for multiple pages in the pokemon/item store pages
    • Add the TM/HM screen to allow learning TMs and HMs  - These will no longer cost money.
Guys I just want to thank you again for all the support, if it weren't for you guys going to the trading center, telling your friends about the game and visiting the blog we couldn't be doing any of this. I would be working a job that I would have no interest in and I wouldn't be able to make these games for you guys. Thanks again and as always.. let me know what you think!


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