Monday, March 28, 2011

PTD: What's next? A list of new things...and we just keep growing!

SAD UPDATE: App was suspended from Marketplace....The good news is I will be moving it to the web a lot quicker! I will provide you with a link soon, once the update is done.

UPDATE: Level cap increasing to 20, tonight (Wednesday)! Level 6 will come in an update after that but this week also.

 This game just keeps growing and it's thanks to all of you, I haven't done any advertisement at all. The download stats from my Android Market Developer Console updated today at we have over 66,000 downloads! You guys made it happen, either you told your friend about it, or you twittered it, facebook, blogged on it. I just wanted to say thank you for the support! Also even if you didn't do any of the above, just giving it a good rating and a good comment goes a long way into other people deciding if they want to play.

Okay so lets get down to business.

First, the poll is finally closed (I need to make the next one shorter) and you have all decided that the current app icon stays! We had 1955 votes and 19% said hey it doesn't matter to me, 36% said change that sucker, but 44% said don't even think about touching the bulbasaur. So Bulba is here to stay. I will be adding a new poll very soon.

Now I want to talk about the next couple of updates. The level cap will be increasing to 20, so you can finally evolve more of your pokemon, and earn new moves for battles. So what I want to do is make a list here of what I need to do and how far I'm into doing it so that you guys can stay up to date on my progress towards the next update. If you see anything that is missing on the list that you think should be there just drop me a comment here on the blog or email me directly. Thanks.

  1. Bulbasaur - 4 new moves. (100%,done)
  2. Charmander - 2 new moves. (100% done)
  3. Squirtle - 2 new moves (100% done, rapid spin makes me smile)
  4. Rattata - 3 new moves (100% done)
  5. Pidgey - 1 new move (100%, done)
  6. Caterpie - 1 new move (100%, done)
  7. Weedle - 1 new move (100%, done)
  8. Butterfree - 2 new moves (100%, done)
  9. Bedrill - 2 new moves (100%, done)
  10. Pikachu - 1 new move (100%, done)
Current Pokemon Evolutions:
  1. Ivysaur (100%)
  2. Charmeleon (100%)
  3. Wartortle (100%)
  4. Raticate (100%)
  5. Pidgeotto (100%)
New Pokemon with new moves:
  1. Not yet determined 
New Pokemon Evolutions:
  1. Not yet determined
    1. Lvl 6:Intro (0%)
    2. Lvl 6: Level (0%)
    3. Lvl 6: Ending (0%)
    1. Keep phone on while playing (from Justin 0%)
    2. Be able to tell what version a profile is assigned to (from Ninjutsu500 100%)
    I won't be able to do much today (Monday) during the day, I have a wicked Physics test tonight. Wish me luck!


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