Friday, April 1, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 6 progress, Weekly Updates, and more.

UPDATE 3: Level is about 85.111233232% done! About an hour if everything goes smoothly!

UPDATE 2: Update is still coming tonight, just a heads up this next level is going to be a free roam level, meaning no candy, you can capture everything in the level, bunch of waves. The levels are design as a good way to level up and capture pokemon, however no money will be awarded in the free roam levels. If I have some extra time I will include 2 free roam levels in this update so that it's easier to get pikachu.

UPDATE: This next update will be done by Sunday night the latest, won't be done today Saturday :( Thanks for your patience.

Hey guys! It's me again, so it looks like most of you want the updates to come on a weekly basis (me too!). I think that looking forward to an update on a weekly basis is fun, it reminds me of waiting each week for my favorite tv show to come on so I can watch it. Out of 2442 (I swear this thing got reset or something) 21% wanted monthly big juicy updates but, 78% wanted weekly quick updates!

This next poll is about where you play the game, I'm interest to see which version I should focus on more.

I'm making a list for level 6 so you guys can see where the progress is at, I must note that coming up with a level probably takes longer than actually making it.

New Pokemon, with all Moves up to lvl 20:
  • Spearow with 3 new moves (100% done)
  • Nidoran Male with 1 new move (100% done)
  • Nidoran Female with 1 new move (100%, done)
  • Jigglypuff with 4 new moves (100% done)
  • Mankey with 3 new moves (100% done) (Not doing the move Covet since there are no items)
New Evolutions with all Moves up to lvl 20:
  • Nidorina no new moves (100% done)
  • Nidorino no new moves (100% done)
  • Fearow no new moves (100% done)
Also don't forget to get your Shiny Starter, by donating any amount you will receive a code that you can put in the mystery gift and change your starter into a shiny. Also if you donate 10 or more you will also get rare candies and evolutions stone, finally if you donate 20 or more you will get all the previous gifts plus your very own shiny Mew!  To donate click on the donate button on the top right corner of the page.

NOTE: I'm currently giving out the shiny starters the other gifts will be given out at a later date.

A fan of the game, Peter Thompson, wrote a great article that has to do with this game. You guys should check it out !

Also I'm making a tab with the latest links to the game, so that it's easier to find, but I will post them here just in case.

Newground (for mobile/computer browser):
Megaupload APK download:


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