Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: What's next? Doing the impossible. How to get your Mystery Gift code. You guys are correct.

Hey guys, I've been reading pretty much all the comments, haven't had the chance to really answer anything. Each week it gets harder and harder to answer all the great and not so great questions. I plan to put up an FAQ with answers to most of the questions you guys have.

I don't really need to wait for the poll to be over to know that level 8 needs to be toned down, but for those of you that liked the challenge you don't have to worry the level will show up as a challenge mode level.

Speaking of challenge mode, beating a challenge mode level for the first time will be how you get a mystery code, each level will give out it's own mystery code.

Now to talk about the next update.

Shiny versions of all current wild and catchable pokemon!
Challenge Mode Levels!
Level cap raised to..........

I want to raise the level cap to 40 but I don't know if I will make it in time so I will be posting a list of what needs to be done to get there, I might make it to 30 or maybe 22 who knows, maybe I will reach this impossible goal.

Challenge Level (75%)

Level 25 Reached!
27 New Moves (100% done)
5 New Evolutions (100% done) 

Shiny Pidgey added, 0.01% for it to show up when a pidgey shows up. 
Shiny Geodude added, 0.01% for it to show up when a geodude shows up (Mt. Moon). 

There might not be a new level this week... I really want to get the cap up as much as possible to try to push the game towards a more completed stage so that levels can be done quicker.

Also I wanted to talk about the bugs that people had mentioned and what's my priority right now.

1. Making Storage work. Storage now has different boxes that you can store 21 pokemon on each box.
2. Fixing the bug that makes the enemy stop moving. Thanks for all the info!
3. Fixing Geodudes attacks.
4. The password field on the Save Profile Online page will now hide your password as your type it.
5. Added two rare candies to Viridian Forest 1 making the total 5. This will make it easier for new players to beat the level.
6. Storage pokemon now have their levels displayed.
7. You can now save a new profile using the same email and password as before, thus overriding the original one.
8. When playing from a website, exe, or swf, when dragged, the pokeball and pokemon will be centered directly on your mouse cursor.
9. The game will now remember your sound settings.
10. The disclaimer at the start of the game will only show up once.
11. On Level 1, Professor Oak will only tell you how to play once, if you go into checking a pokemon and return to the party screen he won't show up again. 
12. In the pokemart fixed an issue that you could continue to buy a stone on the "thanks for buying" and "you don't have enough money" screens. Thanks Keyser!

Also if you don't play on the websites I mentioned before on the previous blog, please consider playing on one of them because I don't plan to send updates to 20 different sites.

As always let me know what you think! Until next time.


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