Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 20 - First Impressions And What's Next

Go here to read Day 19 of Hero Tower Defense Thursday.

Alright, we're back! The first release of HTD was rather well recieved considering the low amount of content. I think pretty much everyone knew that's how it was going to be though and nearly all the feedback was written accordingly so it was very helpful as always. Several of you pointed out that bug where you could swap locations with the damsel in distress, sending her to the front lines to fend for herself lol. We're really glad you guys enjoyed it though and we got a lot of good comments and suggestions, so thanks for that!

Now to fix that low content problem. We'll be releasing updates for HTD as often as we can. On average I'd say every 1-2 weeks but we're not guaranteeing anything because we'd rather take our time to do things correctly instead of rushing things out. Sometimes things might take a little longer than usual because we're making everything from scratch and trying to keep everything original. We're also still finding our groove as far as having a steady workflow which will allow us to schedule things more accurately. So it'll be a little up and down at first but figuring all this out is part of the fun!

Currently we're working on the next update which we hope to have ready for the next HTD post on Thursday. A few things on the to-do list are a refined interface with better portraits and more information displayed, skill and cursor icons, clickable skills which will allow you manually use them on specific targets, separate heroes that you can customize a bit so that all 3 aren't identical, a male hero, and more! We'll see what actually ends up making it into the update but we're working hard to get as much done as possible.

In the meantime continue having fun with the initial release and don't forget to see some concept HTD art Kevin's currently working on at his blog, KXN @ HTD!

We always welcome feedback from our fans so leave any suggestions, questions, or ideas you guys might have in the comments!



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