Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Progress: Pokemon Tower Defense v5.6.1 release, Shadow Pokemon, Safari Zone released, finishing the Pokemon Center look and getting rest!

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WOW, what that was a crazy week! So many new pokemon to catch! I think we have all been waiting for the Safari Zone just for the vast amount of new pokemon. Many of you wanted a Rock Tunnel kind of level but in the end of it I felt that it wasn't really needed. I thought the "Joey" mechanic would be enough to make the level feel fresh.Granted it wasn't perfect on the first try... Due to the quick feedback of you guys I was able to tweak how it works and I think it's in a pretty good spot. Some of you think it's too easy now but I still think that it's providing enough challenge without being incredibly frustrating.

So last week we also had a poll about shadow pokemon's experience gain. While the results were clearly in favor of giving shadow pokemon the similar experience boost as shiny, there was a big public outcry about it so I wanted to tell you guys how I felt about the whole thing and what I ended up doing.

Okay so what I ended up doing was that Shadow pokemon will earn the same experience as a Normal pokemon. COMPROMISE! Some will say "Sam I can't believe you did that, the poll was clear! Why did you give in again!" To understand my reasoning we have to look at why I added Shadow pokemon in the first place. Shadow pokemon were added so that people that people had something to trade to people that had hard to catch or adoption only pokemon. Also to add another layer of collection, something to reward the player, and to promote trading. So when doing this I thought what can I do to make them different in a way that they wouldn't be overpowered in battle. The reason I don't want them to be overpowered in battle is that I don't want player to feel like they need to use a shadow pokemon to gain the greatest edge in battle. I want the player to choose which type of pokemon they want to use in battle. So since shiny gain more experience I thought wouldn't it be kinda cool if shadow pokemon earned less. It seemed to fit the whole shadow motif. Unfortunately people viewed shadows in a negative light because of the decrease in experience. So I decided to remove this negative factor in them. I hope that explains what is in my head.

After such a long week of things to do I broke a promise.. and this week I will do it! I will finish the Pokemon Center's new look! Besides that we are going to take it a little easy so that I can finish that darn thing and so I can rest a little bit.

Weekly  Progress for PTD:

Finding a way to make players be able to get 1 Shadow Pokemon per week on their account (100%) - Essentially the new Daily Gift Rare prizes will enable you to get one in at least 7 days or sooner.
Give out my current pokemon that is being traded, Shiny Shellder (100%) - Traded it to "newtothegame"! He traded my Shadow Gyarados, Shiny Starmie, Shiny Goldeen, Shiny Tentacruel, Shiny Gyarados, Shadow Starmie!
Put out a new trading pokemon on my account samO (100%) - I put a Shiny Tauros! Give me your best offers!
Rework Daily Code prizes (100%)- This is coming thanks to all your feedback! I simplified the prizes, to just casino coins and SnD Coins. That way you can use the coins to buy what you want instead of getting something that you already have.
New Pokemon added on v5.6 (100%)
  • Implement in Adoption (shiny and battle ready) (100%)
  • Implement Shadow in Daily Gift and Casino Corner (100%)
Remove Shadow NPC Trade pokemon from the Daily Gift and Casino Corner (100%) - Meaning the only way to get Shadow Mr. Mime, Shadow Jynx, and so on will be from trading a shadow for it in game. All who have those pokemon already will keep them.
Remove Shadow Pokemon that you can get from achievements from the Daily Gift and Casino Corner (100%)
Pokemon Center new look (85%)
Fix a bug with the move Eruption (0%)
New Mystery Gift (100%) - Pokemon Tangela!
  • Add stats to game (100%)
  • Add Graphic (100%)
  • Add Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add Shadow Graphic (100%)
  • Add New Moves (2) (100%)
    • Ingrain (100%)
    • Tickle (100%)
  • Implement TM/Relearn moves (100%)
  • Implement in Adoption (Battle Ready and Shiny) (100%) - Note that you will need to play v5.7 for Tangela to properly work.
  • Implement in Shadow in Game Corner (100%) - Note that you will need to play v5.7 for Tangela to properly work.
  • Implement in Trading Center (100%)
  • Implement in Save Code (100%)
Level Cap Raised To 90 (100%) - JabXIII asked for it!
  • New Move: Eruption (100%) - Entei level 85 
  • Implement in Game (100%)
  • Implement in Save Code (100%)
Implement New Moves in Pokemon Center's list (100%)

Fixed a problem on the Daily Gift, when you win an SnD Coin it would show the wrong message (100%)

Weekly Progress for HTD:
Show move cooldown in the UI (100%)
Have some units have Fire skills and some have Shadow skills, the last one have a random combination of both (100%)
Add new Whelp Behavior (100%)
Implement new graphics for the Shadow Moves and Shadow Icons (100%)

Let's keep this going guys, we are close to the end! As always let me know what you think!


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