Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Progress: PTD v5.8, epic legendary bird boss

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Okay all rested up and ready to go. Last Thursday I had my first programming test at the University, and I felt really good about it. It doesn't hurt that I have years and years of programming experience but I the professor posted the score online and I got an A! Wooohoo! Okay enough bragging... This past week like I mentioned I took it easy but we still got some goodies. Level cap is now 90, and after the 7th gym I believe we will reach 100. My point of view is that I won't raise it past 100 just to keep in line with the games. I also fixed Eruption, a level 85 move that Entei learns, and the sponsor got around to making a code for Tangela so I put that in.

This week we will have a story level involving Gary and one of the legendary birds! I will also make a cooperative version of this same map for multiplayer. A lot of people have been asking for a co-op level and I thought this "boss" level would be a good fit. I'm also going to be having a new mystery gift pokemon, new ability, new achievement, and some new TMs! So I think you guys will really enjoy this update! Also I think a lot of you will ask... you can NOT capture the legendary bird on this level. You will be able to catch them after you learn Surf so be patient :)

PTD First Look by GraphicForce!
Weekly Progress for PTD:

Choose who to trade my Shiny Tauros to (100%) - Account name is samO - Traded Bk for his all Shiny and all level 80 - Nidoking, Charizard, Golem, Gengar, Dragonite, Exeggutor!
Choose a new pokemon to trade (100%) - Shiny Mew! Looking for Psychic pokemon!
New Story Level (100%)
  • Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
New Co-Op Multiplayer Level  - Postponed until next week
New Mystery Gift Pokemon (100%) - Will arrive on Monday
  • New Moves (1) (100%)
  • Add Graphic (100%)
  • Add Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add Shadow Graphic (100%)
  • Add Stats to Game (100%)
  • Implement TM/Relearn moves (100%)
  • Implement in Adoption (Battle Ready and Shiny) (100%)
  • Implement Shadow in Game Corner (100%)
  • Implement in Trading Center (100%)
  • Implement in Save Code (100%)
Implement new moves in the Trading Center's Move List (100%)
New Ability (100%) - Compoundeyes - Increases move accuracy by 30%
  • Implement to Butterfree and Venonat (100%)
New Achievement (100%)
  • Implement in Game (100%)
  • Implement in Server (100%)
New TMs (100%) - Added Sludge Bomb
Bug Fixes (100%)
  •  Made it possible to click on your towers when they are close or under the money and wave info text (100%)
  • Achievement for Shadow Grimer Typo (100%) - Misspelled Grimer's name
  • Change in the attack Curse (100%) - When a ghost uses the move, cap the amount of damage done to the target by 1/4 of the users life.

Weekly Progress for HTD:
Add Males into the game (100%)
  • Add male animations (100%)
  • Add male armor (100%)
Make the focus target apply to all units (100%) - If the focus is out of range then target as normal.
Add New Sound Effects (100%)
Fixed an issue with doing another move while one is on cooldown (100%)
Out of Range text when you target a unit that is out of range (100%)
Native skill tweaks (100%) - Increase cooldown and remove all countering type debuffs on target.
Range graphic tweak (100%) - Make it an outline instead of large translucent circle.
Wand tweak (100%) - Only have one character wield the wand and the sword.

Today was short and sweet, so let me know what you think! Also I'm assembly a sort of wish list for PTD 2 so if you have any ideas as far as what you want to see in the game, post them below! Thanks, and let's have a great week!


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