Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 15 - HTD Thursday's, Progress Update, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Go here to read the Day 14 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays.

Today is just a small update since it's Thanksgiving. I just wanted to give a brief rundown of our progress and some changes.

First, a reminder about the HTD day change. Sam was posting the PTD post later in the week at first but recently has been posting it on Monday because it works out better with his current scheduling of the weekly PTD update. Having the PTD post on Monday then immediately having the HTD post on Tuesday squishes things together. To remedy the problem we're going to change things a bit and have the PTD post on Monday and the HTD post on Thursday to have a better spread on the blog.

Next up I just want to say we're making pretty good progress on HTD and should make the late December release date as planned. We have some additional maps (the cave is multi-level) in the works by Kevin, Sam is adding more mechanics and features, and I'm working on the design of various things including the Tier 1 elemental and class moves and audio. So things are moving along nicely!

You can find more behind-the-scenes HTD art work on Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD, check it out!

And last but not least (although it's a little late) Happy Thanksgiving!

All feedback is welcome and encouraged! You guys are a lot of help so be sure to let us know of any suggestions or ideas you have in the comments and thanks for all your help thus far!



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