Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v4.9.6 is out! Birthday gift! Multiplayer! Weekly Progress!

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What's new in v4.9.6

  • Level Cap Raised to 66
  • New Mystery Gift Pokemon- Horsea and Seadra!
  • Added pokemon attacks to the trading center pokemon  - Thanks Nssvelocity!
  • Added Shiny Icons to the Trading Center so you can identify shiny pokemon easier
  • Added a better description to Silver Wind - It wasn't missing buffs, the attack excludes accuracy and evasion. Changed the attack text.
  • Added Hydro Pump as a TM (only usable after you beat Saffron City)
  • When a pokemon faints don't remove him from your party turn their button red, except on the 3rd challenge level - Thanks George C and others that suggested this in the past!
  • Haze not removing the accuracy drop-Thank to all that reminded me of this.
  • Fixed Stealth Rock being able to miss - Thanks Justin for letting me know!
  • Fixed a bug with Trading Poliwhirl for Jynx  - Thanks Micah and others for letting me know!
  • Highlight which speed and zoom you are currently in - Thanks all who suggested this!
  • Added Dig as a TM (only usable after you beat Pewter Gym)
  • Fixed Sand Tomb not showing the correct weakness color - Thanks MagZ!
  • Added Dark Pulse as a TM (only usable after you beat Saffron City)  - Thanks Jarret!
  • Fixed not being able to put secondary type Flying types into Flying only spots - Thanks Arturo!
  • Added a better description to Moves that can cause instant KO, detailing that they won't hit pokemon higher level than you.
  • Fixed Harden being misspelled in the Trading Center
  • Added a minor security fix - Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Added a star next to shiny pokemon in the Pokemon Center
  • Fixed a typo on the move Acrobatics - Thanks Daniel!
  • Fixed an issue with prize pokemo
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to request a pokemon past level 62 in the Pokemon Center  - Thanks Anon! 
  • Fixed an issue with moves like Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, and Zap Cannon from working properly in faster speeds
  • Allow players to change their password in the pokemon center - You will have to supply your own email and password in order to change them to prevent hackers from changing it.

Where can I play?
Hello! Welcome to the weekly PTD blog, it's a day late but better late than never. What started off as a small update to give me time for multiplayer became something HUGE! As you can see above I tried to kill off as many little bugs as possible. (There are still a bunch running around!) Game Bugs are funny, because for as many that you squash, many more appear when you add more new content. That's life for you.

As you might or might not know the plan is to have a multiplayer map available for the next update. You can read a lot more about it on the previous PTD blog. I'm not sure when the update will be done, there is much to code, design, and test before it can come to light and last week I didn't even get to start on it. This week is even more difficult due to the Thanksgiving here in the states. Also my birthday is this Saturday, so you can say that I will be busy this week besides working on the update. I will try my best but I'm not sure when it will be done.

Speaking of Birthdays! So instead of asking you guys for a gift (I want a jet plane! lol jk) I want to give you guys a gift for just being awesome and supporting us here. I can't decide on what to give you guys so I will make a poll as usual. The gifts I have in mind are:

Celebi - Psychic/Grass - Gen 2
Jirachi - Psychic/Steel - Gen 3
Shaymin - Grass - Gen 4
Victini - Psychic/Fire - Gen 5

I can guarantee you these pokemon will not show up in a different mystery gift so choose wisely. Also you get to keep them forever once you get it!

On to the weekly progress list:

Multiplayer Map (10%) - This is not happening this week.
Special Birthday Mystery Gift (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)
  • New Moves (Postponed) - New Moves are Postponed until next week
  • Implement Stats in game (100%)
  • Implement TM/HM (100%)
  • Implement in Trading Center (100%)
Level Cap up to 68 (100%)
  • Implement in-game (100%)
  • Implement in saving code (100%)
  • Implement in trading center (100%)
Added Raikou, Entei, and Suicune's level up attacks and relearn attacks (100%) - Any attacks that were not in the game yet have not been added. For example Entei's Lava Plume. Those will be added next week along with Victini's moves.
Bug Fixes (100%)
  • When a shiny shows up highlight the speed back to 1x (100%) 
  • Change the background color of fainted pokemon so that it doesn't match the leveling up color (100%)

That's all I have for now, have a fun week, as always let me know what you think! Sam out! I will let you guys get first this time :D


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