Monday, May 2, 2011

Our closest poll yet, small update coming, game maintence..

Hey guys, Sam here bringing you the news on what is coming up.

Looking for a place to play the game that will always have the most current version of the game? Well now you can play the game right on the blog. When the new update comes out this site will have it ready to go instantly. Click on  the "Play PTD!" tab to play the game. Enjoy.

This week we are giving away a shiny Jigglypuff, thanks again to my friend at, the clues are a little harder this time so good luck. Click here to start your mystery gift code hunt.

This has been our closest poll yet! I can see the passion many of you have behind the game, and while I will be taking a break a small update will be released this week, check out below to see what it will contain:

 *Takes out paper full of notes

Pretty much all of these are due to your feedback, so thanks a lot :D

These are all for v2.4 you won't see these in v2.3
  1. You can now use Weepinbell in battle (100% done)
  2. In Viridian Forest 1 the intro cutscene will now have the correct amount of candy so that it matches the level (100%)
  3. Level 3 will now correctly show the ending text box (100% done)
  4. When you return to the party select screen from checking a pokemon it will return you to the previous page of the storage that you were in, instead of always returning to the first page (100% done)
  5. No amount of spaces or symbols will allow you to get multiple shiny geodude from the challenge mode code (100% done)
  6. While your pokeball is open it will no longer scroll the level if you are in the edge, it will still scroll the level if the pokeball is not open (100% done)
  7. You can now rearrange your storage pokemon as you see fit (100% done)
Many more bug fixes coming stay tuned.

Also for v2.4 some new shiny wild pokemon!
  • Shiny Rattata
  • Shiny Caterpie
  • Shiny Metapod
  • Shiny Butterfree
  • Shiny Weedle
  • Shiny Kakuna
  • Shiny Beedrill
  • Shiny Spearow
  • Shiny Ekans 
  • Shiny Sandshrew
(All evolutions of the pokemon will also be shiny, if an evolution is not on the list it means you can't capture it yet in the wild) 100% done

    Wednesday night at 11:00PM Eastern Time I will be shutting down the current free server that I'm using and transferring to the new one.

    What does this mean? It means that you won't be able to import/save your profile or use certain mystery codes until v2.4. So make sure you save your profile correctly or make the proper adjustments. Once v2.4 is out everything will be back to normal. I'm transferring all the data over so anything you do before Wednesday night and save will be secure. You have been warned.

    We have gotten a lot of great artist applications, and if you sent one in and haven't heard from us it doesn't mean you aren't getting picked, Dan and I still need to sit down and decide who has what we are looking for. For those that are interested in applying you can still apply.

    Dan and I are looking to add more members to our development crew and right now what we need the most is a capable artist. Somebody that wants to work with us on our next games. This is a paid position. All communication will be done online. Here is what we are looking for:

    • A passion for games.
    • A passion for making art.
    • 18 years or older.
    • Must have a portfolio.
    Also these next requirements are extra but if you have these it will make you more likely to be picked.
    • Be able to animate.
    • 3D modeling experience.
    • Vector art
    • Concept art
    • Game development experience (web games, console games, apps)
    • Flash experience.
    We can't wait to check out everybody's art :) so just email me at with "Artist Position" as the subject and we can talk about further details.


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