Friday, May 6, 2011

Ninja-ja out today! Buy and get special gifts!

Ninja-ja Alpha v1 is out now! You can expect Dan to answer some of your questions about the game, you can read more on it below or just click on the "Get Ninja-ja!" tab. Thanks.

A lonely man gets attacked by a group of ninjas, he must use his three weapons to stop them at all cost.

  • Use your Bo staff to stop incoming kunais!
  • FREE Bi-weekly updates, new levels, more weapons, new modes!
Ninja-ja is now in alpha v1 a very bare bones version of the game, the video shows you what is to come in the future updates.

Buy it today for your PC and get special gifts for Ninja-ja and Pokemon Tower Defense! 

Apprentice Edition - includes:
  • Ninja-ja Game
  • 3 unique codes to get Shiny Pikachu for PTD.

Master Edition - includes all the above plus:
  • A special skin for your Bo Staff
  • 3 unique codes to turn your starter into a Shiny Starter for PTD.

Grand Master Edition - includes all the above plus:
  • A special skin for your Sword and Shuriken weapons
  • 3 unique codes for 30,000 poke dollars for PTD.

Hero Edition - includes all the above plus:
  • The ability to suggest a special skin for your weapon or the enemy's projectile that only you and other Hero Edition players have access to.
  • 3 unique codes to get  a Shiny Mew for PTD.
Once we get your payment we will send you the game and the PTD codes within 24 hours. The Ninja-ja prizes will be delivered at a different date.
      Different Editions

      Thanks for your continued support! Enjoy and as always let us know what you think!
      Click on the Get-Ninja-ja! tab for more info! 

      This week we are giving away a shiny Jigglypuff, thanks again to my friend at, the clues are a little harder this time so good luck. Click here to start your mystery gift code hunt.

      We have gotten a lot of great artist applications, and if you sent one in and haven't heard from us it doesn't mean you aren't getting picked, Dan and I still need to sit down and decide who has what we are looking for. For those that are interested in applying you can still apply.

      Dan and I are looking to add more members to our development crew and right now what we need the most is a capable artist. Somebody that wants to work with us on our next games. This is a paid position. All communication will be done online. Here is what we are looking for:
      • A passion for games.
      • A passion for making art.
      • 18 years or older.
      • Must have a portfolio.
      Also these next requirements are extra but if you have these it will make you more likely to be picked.
      • Be able to animate.
      • 3D modeling experience.
      • Vector art
      • Concept art
      • Game development experience (web games, console games, apps)
      • Flash experience.
      We can't wait to check out everybody's art :) so just email me at with "Artist Position" as the subject and we can talk about further details.


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