Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v2.6 is out now! Level cap to 28! Shiny Zubat Code Hunt! Move Relearner! New Challenge Level!

New update for PTD is out now!

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

What's new on this update?
  • Move Relearner - Try out old moves that you missed.
  • New Challenge mode - can you get the old rod before you run out of energy?
  • Level cap up to 28 - Who's that pokemon? It's Primeape!
  • New pokemon to catch with the old rod.
Where can I play?
Let me know what you think of the new update.

This week is Ninja-ja first update, and here is the list that Dan and I came up with:
  • Android Version (0%)
    • Tweaks (0%)
  • Adding the Health Bar (50%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Programming (0%)
  • Being able to lose (death) (50%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Programming (0%)
  • Simple Point system (0%)
    • Programming (0%)
  • Sword mode (75%)
    • Graphic (50%)
    • Programming (100%)
  • And a new different Bo Staff Mode (0%)
    • Programming (0%)


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