Monday, May 9, 2011

What's next? Pokemon Tower Defense v2.5 update this weekend!

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I just want to personally thank everybody that bought Ninja-ja, you are helping to support Dan and I to continue to grow and keep making games for you guys, we still have a long way to go but we are going to keep going at it until we make it.

Also I had a good break, I still put out an update and released Ninja-ja but I did manage to gather my thoughts and clear my mind a bit. Some of you might have noticed that Dan is now answering blog questions, so feel free to ask him anything :)

I do read everybody's comments and email, even though it is impossible to answer them all in a timely fashion, but I wanted to let you guys know that your comments and suggestions are being heard.

So I wanted to comment on a couple of things, this new level will have the appearance of a non Generation I pokemon (I won't spoil it so wait until the update to find out) but you won't be able to capture it. Also as of right now I don't plan on including any non generation 1 pokemon that will be able to be captured. Once the game is done and you can capture all 151 I will decide on what I will do. So please don't ask about including crobat (lol), and if you see somebody asking about it let them know :)

Another thing is Mystery Gift Codes, there are only 2 free codes available (pidgey and jigglypuff ) at this time and both of them will expire this weekend when v2.5 comes out. If you happen to hear from somebody of a code or just randomly type in a code and it says this code is used, that means that somebody at some point got that code and used it already. Only the free codes can be used over and over, but codes for pikachu or starters or mew can only be used once, and those are not given out for free. But if you really want to get a mew you don't have to worry because he will be in the game eventually in a future update. So while shiny mew is exclusive to those who pay, regular mew should be available to all.

We are committed to making games that you guys want to play and making them better based on what you guys want, but we still want to be creative ourselves and we want to surprise you guys with new and unique ideas.

Thanks for all the continued support.

This is the last week we are giving away a shiny Jigglypuff, thanks again to my friend at, the clues are a little harder this time so good luck. Click here to start your mystery gift code hunt.

Okay let's get down to the update.

First of all this update will be most likely be coming out this weekend (Fri-Sun), the list below is what I'm focusing on for this update. The list doesn't apply to earlier versions of the game, only for v2.5. The list is not complete and I will be adding more to it as I get things done.

UPDATE coming out withing a couple hours!

Trading/Transferring  (100%)
  • You will be able to trade or transfer a pokemon from one profile to another. This includes from your first profile to your second or third. You can also trade or transfer a pokemon to a different account all together be it your other account or another person's account. You can even trade or transfer to the same profile. The way it works is that you go into the trading menu and select the pokemon you want to trade, the pokemon will be removed from your profile and in exchange you will get a code. You can then trade that code with somebody. Once you have a code that you want to use, you go to the trading menu and insert the code, that pokemon will now be added into your storage.  You will be able to trade shiny pokemon. Pokemon that are traded or transferred do not gain any benefit to how much experience they gain. Pokemon that evolve from trading will evolve when you trade or transfer them in any of these ways. Pokemon that will evolve when traded are Graveler, Kadabra, Machoke, Haunter. Note: Only Graveler is in the game as of v2.4.

 Finishing Touches (90%)
      New Level (100%) Cerulean City Gym
    • In this level you will finally get to Cerulean City and challenge the second gym leader, Misty. You guys voted and both Joey and you will get a chance to fight Misty and try to win a badge.
      • Intro Scene (100%)
      • Level Graphic Assets (100%)
      • Level Layout (100%)
      • Level Waves (100%)
      • Level Ending (100%) 
      New evolutions (100%)
    •  Golem Graphic (100%)
    • 2 new evolutions Graphic(100%)
    • Evolution (3) Stats Added to Game (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (3) (100%)
     New Catch-able pokemon (100%) 
    • Pokemon (1) Graphic  (100%)
    • Pokemon (1) Stats Added to Game(100%)
    • New Moves (3) (100%) 
    • Shiny Graphic (1) (100%) 
     Npc trade pokemon (100%)
    • Pokemon (1) Graphic (100%)
    • Pokemon (1) Stats Added to Game (100%)
    • New Moves (5) (100%) Skipping Mean Look
    • Shiny Graphic (1) (100%)
     New non catch-able pokemon (100%)
    • Pokemon (6) Graphic (100%)
    • Pokemon (6) Stats Added to Game (100%) 
            Like a said before more things like bug fixes, new pokemon, level cap increase will be added to the list as I get them finished. 

            As always let us know what you think.


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