Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v2.9 is out now!

New update is out now! Enjoy! I will post a new blog on Monday.

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter, shiny magikarp or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

v2.9.1 is out now! It fixes Route 5 so the pokemon will have the right levels now,  fixed the opening sponsor animation to not play sound if you have the music off, also fixed Bulldoze from stacking it's movement lowering debuff (Thanks to the gang at the chat room for letting me know about Bulldoze ;D ).

Also I changed the $10 Ninja-ja Grand Master Edition Gift from 30,000 pokedollars to Shiny Magikarp codes. If you bought the $10 dollar version or the $20 dollar version and wish to receive the codes send me an email at with the subject "Shiny Magikarp" make sure to use the same email that you used to buy the game on paypal.

It includes:
  • Two new story levels!
    • Nugget Bridge - Will Ash beat General Mewtwo? Did I really just beat Kyogre with two pokemon? What happened to Gary? All these answers and more on this level.
    • Route 5 - A training level with a new pokemon to capture, pokemon keep getting harder and harder as they try to capture some rare candy. Over 30 waves of increasingly difficult pokemon.
  • One new pokemon to catch!
  • TMs -Similar to the Move Relearner go to the pokemon selection screen and press on TMs to buy a compatible TM for your pokemon. Once you start learning the move you will be charged even if you don't end up replacing the move for another. They cost 10,000 pokedollars each.
    TMs available (20 added):
    • Mega Punch, Whirlwind, Body Slam, Take Down, Double-Edge, BubbleBeam, Water Gun, Pay Day, Seismic Toss, Rage, Mega Drain, Dragon Rage, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Teleport, Double Team, Metronome, Selfdestruct, Swift, ThunderWave.
  • When entering a preview code for trading you can now see which moves the pokemon will have.
  • Bug Fixes
Where can I play?
As always let me know what you think of the new levels, and features added to this update.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


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