Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's next? Ninja-ja, Pokemon Tower Defense progress list.

Hey everybody, this is a little late coming but better late than never.

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

Ninja-ja: v1.1 is now out, if you bought the game send an email to to get your update, thanks!

The pokemon tower defense update is still happening, and here is what we have for you guys:
  • Final Touches and distribution (100%)
  • Challenge Level (greatly inspired by forum member Zackirus, thanks for the great idea!) (100%)
  • Adding some TMs to the pokemart (Postponed until a later update)
  • Bug fixed
    • Shiny starter mystery code not working on 3rd evolution starters. (100%)
    • Evolution Button: When pokemon is evolving during the level the game crashes. (100%)
    • Self-Destruct bug (100%)
  • Relearn only moves (ex. Thunder Fang for Arbok) (Postponed)
  • Pokedex/Achievements (you decide which one on the poll above) (100%)
For the New Feature I have added a short poll on the website, you guys get to decide which feature you would like first.
  • Pokedex/Achievements - A pokedex will be added to the game to keep track of who you saw and who you caught, also achievements will be added into the game for finding certain pokemon and completing certain task, like beating a level without losing candy.
  • Targeting System - Your towers will be able to target different units depending on what command you give your pokemon. For example, attack first, attack last, attack lowest health..etc.
  • Different Pokeballs - Be able to buy different pokeballs that will let you catch pokemon at higher percentages.
  • Trading Center - A place that you can search for trades being done by other players. Search by who you want in the trade or search by what you want to trade, all trades will be handled by the game so once both sides agree on the trade you will both get them immediately.
Choose wisely :)

Also the last poll it seems like you guys want to keep trading, so trading will stay, in the future I might tweak things here and there but for now it stays like it is.

I also added two new tabs to the site called "Suggestions" and "Bugs" these will cover both games PTD and Ninja-ja, make sure you read them before you offer a suggestions.

The artist search is almost completed I sent emails to the top 9 applications that we received that fit into what our next game is going to be. Once they answer the emails we will pick from there. If you didn't get an email and you applied I just have to say thank you for even considering applying for the position, a lot of you had great art and we might contact you for a different game but for our next game we were looking for something very specific, some time this week I will send out a thank you letter to all who applied.

Thanks again for sticking around, the support is greatly appreciated. Let's continue on this journey! As always, let me know what you think.


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