Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Update: What's coming next for PTD, Ninja-ja's update, and taking a break!

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Happy Monday!

Ninja-ja's update will be coming this week, we apologize for the lateness.

I will be taking a break from updating PTD this week, meaning there won't be an update this weekend. Constantly updating a game can put a lot of strain so every once in a while I will take a weekly break to recharge my batteries.

Update: I'm considering adding a new mode called "Classic". Basically in this mode your pokemon's attacks will have the same stats as the original game or as close as possible. You will be able to use the same pokemon for both "Classic" and regular mode but there will be different achievements for each mode. In regular mode the attacks will be more balanced and towers will have health. In classic mode towers won't have health and attacks will do the attack power that the original games have (based on Gen 5). Vote on the poll and let me know what you think. 

But I want to talk about what's coming next for the game and just comment in more detail about a lot of the questions and concerns you guys are all having.

First about the move balancing. By looking at the poll I can see that a lot of you guys liked the balancing except for a few special moves that could use some more love or uniqueness.

So for the next update you can expect quick attack and extremespeed (to name a few) will have a lower cooldown.

I will also be looking at how difficult or how high of a level you need to reach to get a move in order to figure out the appropriate damage it should do. If you can just buy a TM then chances are the move won't get significantly stronger, but there are some specific exceptions.

Let's look at Earthquake! It hits everybody on the field while it has a target in range for 20 attack power. Most of you think this is too low, which I can understand seeing as how powerful the move is in the real game. I can make it stronger (40 attack power) but there needs to be a drawback to such strength. I tried longer cooldowns but I just don't like how it makes some moves useless. Some people in the chat actually mentioned something that I originally sorta brushed off as I won't be adding that to the game. But today thinking about it, I think it can work. So for the next update I will be introducing.... Tower Health!

That's right your towers will now have a health bar, just like the enemy! But slow down a bit... the enemy isn't going to stop and do attacks towards you. The point is that a move like double-edge can now actually have a recoil damage (and much higher attack power). A move like recover is useful while defending, and best of all, defense moves will be useful both in attacking and defending, a defense move will lower the amount of damage received from all sources.

Another big thing is the duration of defense and offense buffs. It is a pain to keep using rage every time it runs out on one pokemon, imagine keeping it up on all 6! Therefore I'm drastically increasing the duration of these buffs. They won't last forever but you won't have to re apply them nearly as often making it more manageable to use in battle.

Now let's talk about trading. Trading is going to change radically. The trading center is coming, and no more trade codes! You will be able to search for the pokemon you want or search for somebody that wants your pokemon, also transferring pokemon from one save to another will be easier than ever.

Next update will also include two new story mode levels one being the S.S. Anne level and the other being the Vermillion Gym level. You can expect to get the HM Cut, and you can expect to use it on different levels to find secrets.

Lastly I haven't forgotten about Daily Codes, Missing Relearner moves, so those will be coming also.

Below is my progress on these things, keep checking back to see how I'm doing!

Tower Health (50%)
Move Balancing (0%)
Buff Durations (0%)
Trading Center (0%)
Story Levels (0%)
Daily Codes (0%)
New TMs (0%)
Relearn Moves (0%)
New Pokemon (0%)
New achievements (0%) (old ones won't get removed ever)

That's all I have for now, as always let me know what you think, read the FAQ and also read the comments on this blog post before you post as I won't be publishing comments that have already been asked.


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