Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.3 is now out! Legendary pokemon! Trading Center! New Story Level! What are you waiting for?!

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter, shiny magikarp or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

Get Ninja-ja: Apprentice Edition for free, after completing one of the offers provided!  

Ninja-ja Update: It's almost done, Dan is just about finished with it so it will come out early next week.

First 10 people that beat the new gym level, and send me an email with some sort of proof (screen shot, or just send me your account email so I can confirm it) will get to keep one of the legendary dogs forever! 
Okay we found our winners, I will be announcing them on Monday! Thanks to all who sent in an email, also see I told you the level isn't impossible ;) I made this contest just to prove that.

Alright well it's finally here! After all the blood, sweat and tears! Let's look at what we added in this version and let's look at where you can enjoy the game.
Added on v3.3:
  • The Trading Center is now open for business! - Trade your pokemon with other trainers, search for trades, and transfer your pokemon from one profile to the other. Without all that nasty duping!
  • New Story Level - Vermilion Gym! - Will Joey finally know your gender? What has Brock been up to? Just how hard is that gym level? Find out this plus more!
  • Increased Experience Gain! - Earn 50% more experience per kill! This will only last a week!
  • Increased Shiny Encounter Rate! - 300% more of a chance to see shiny pokemon in the wild! This will only last a week!
  • Player Avatars! - You can now choose an avatar from your character, play the new level to choose! More different avatars will be added later.
  • Legendary Pokemon Hunt! - Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have invaded Route 2, Route 3, Viridian Forest 2, Mt Moon 1, and Route 5. Use the help of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune to help you defeat their attack! After this week Entei, Raikou and Suicune will return to where they came from (I'm removing them from the game, enjoy it will you can :D)
  • Bug Fixes! - About a million bugs squashed! Check out the previous blog for more info.
Where can I play?
New Contest! Create a new title screen!

You can enter on the Fan Forums:

Or enter on PTD Evolutions Forums:
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Here is a video for the contest! (Thanks Graphic Force!)
    I hope you guys will enjoy this update and much as I enjoyed making it. We got a great week coming up including the selection of the new title screen. I'll be talking more about that on Monday. Until then enjoy the game and as always let me know what you think.


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