Friday, July 1, 2011

Speaking Out: Update this weekend, what my priorities are, why classic mode!

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So I have a small surprise for you guys, there will be an update this weekend!

It is actually so small that I waited all this time to mention it. It will have a new shiny hunt for this week very similar to the Onix one. This week you get Regular Staryu for your shiny hunt. Just like Shiny Onix, I'm adding a new non luck based (meaning you don't have to get lucky to beat the achievement) achievement to get Shiny Staryu. Like I said it is a small update but it gives you something to do.

Adding Staryu to the game (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • New Move Camouflage (100%)
Adding Starmie to the game (100%)
  •  Shiny Graphic (100%)
Adding new achievement to the game (100%)

This whole week I haven't been slacking off. While I haven't been able to answer any comments I do read them before I publish them and even if I don't publish them I read them. But besides that I have been hard at work on one particular part of the game. Which part of the game you might ask?

I've been working on Security. Security is always a high priority, you don't want to lose your save file because it wasn't secure. You don't want to spend all this time trying to clear an achievement and have somebody else cheat. You don't want to pay for something and then watch somebody else get it for free. Unless you are the one cheating and getting what you want without any effort.

I always get emails with all the latest hacks and all the latest generators and what not, I know how these things work. I see the holes that they have been using, I see the holes in my game that create vulnerabilities.

So I have been working hard this week, and I'm not done yet, to fill these holes. I can see the comments now... "Who cares about the holes?! work on levels!", "The holes are fun, I like getting stuff easily!" but this is something that must be done.

What does it mean for you, the player?
  • The game will save online automatically. No more hassle of forgetting to save and then next week your profile is deleted.
  • You will have to be online to start playing and to save after every level or when you are doing an achievement. You need to be online to save your progress.
  • The new trading center is also part of security. Trade yourself without the hassle of codes. Find a list of what others want for a particular pokemon as simple and hassle free as possible.
That is my main priority right now. The reason is that I want to start adding cool achievements and prizes for the achievements and daily codes but if most can just get it by cheating then it's not worth doing. I might as well just fill your profile with every pokemon at level 100 and call it a day.

Before anything else these things need to be completed, in my opinion, for me to feel the game is ready to move forward. This is my decision.

After this comes new levels, move balancing, tower health, new attacks, new pokemon etc.

Okay so let's talk about Classic Mode.

I think I didn't really describe classic mode that well to you guys. So I will try to explain it more clearly.

Classic Mode is:
  • Think of it as an Easy Mode.
  • All moves will use the original game's value (Using Generation 5's data).
  • Most moves will have cooldowns of 18 or lower (for quick attack, extremespeed), some moves that take two turns might have higher cooldowns (like hyper beam).
  • Your tower's won't have health at all, so they can't faint.
  • It will have the exactly same levels as the other mode ("Advanced Mode"), because of this the levels will be easier to beat in Classic mode.
Advance Mode is:
  • Think of it as a Normal Mode.
  • Moves will be balanced so that moves aren't extremely better than others. Using my design with feedback from you guys.
  • Most moves will have cooldowns of 18 or lower (for quick attack, extremespeed), some moves that take two turns might have higher cooldowns (like hyper beam).
  • Your Towers will have health so they can faint. But most of the damage will come from moves with recoil, and moves that hit the whole screen. This will help moves that restore your health and give you extra defense be very useful while defending.
  • It will have the exactly same levels as the other mode ("Classic Mode"), because of this the levels will be harder to beat in Advanced mode.
As you can see the only difference will be in tower health and move attack power numbers. Basically I have to switch a couple of numbers and I have a whole new mode. It's not going to take a lot of hard work at all.

Are you still with me?

Last thing I want to talk about is the future!

I wanted to talk about the plans after all this is done.
  • My plan is to not increase the level cap from 40 until we start reaching the 4th gym.
  • New levels
  • New challenges
  • More new pokemon to catch.
  • More new TMs.
  • Adding all the required relearn moves such as (Thunder Fang, Flash Cannon)
  • Better pokedex with pokemon info, and pictures!
  • Pokemon holding items to increase attacks, or heal themselves (berries)
  • Better pokeballs!
  • Pokemon Targetting
  • Pokemon Nicknames!
  • Be able to catch all pokemon from 1-151
  • Pokemon Day Care
I hope I have answered a lot of the questions, as always leave me some feedback.

Thanks for supporting us.


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