Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where is the update?

Man I love release days!

The update is "unofficially" out, you can get it here on my blog (click the Play PTD tab). But I'm holding off "officially" releasing it until I patch up a few things. Holding off the downloads (apk..etc) until v3.2.1.

What needs to be patched up?
The game only saves when you beat or exit a level, so if you pressed back all the way to the profile page you would lose all that you didn't save.

Also sometimes the save gets stuck.

Also some people had problems logging in but that is mostly fixed.

What are you going to do about it?
I'm going to  have a cancel button on the save screen so you can get out of it if it gets stuck.

Also I will make the game save in more "important" spots and moments so you don't lose anything like achievement rewards.

A lot of people got the shiny tentacool but then accidentally pressed back all the way to the profile page and thus lost their shiny tentacool. So once I patch things up I will reset all the rewards so that you can get them again, and no you won't have to complete the achievement again if you already did.

Sounds good, so when can we expect this?
You can expect this early next week along with an early version of the trade center.

So when do we get content!?
Content is coming next weekend!

So why do these "bugs" happen?
It comes down the the amount of time I have to design, code, and est the game. The game is in alpha so it's going to break a lot and have a lot of bugs. While some might say then don't release it until it's done I think that the game can end up being better if everybody can play it before it's done. You guys give me great feedback that directly impacts the game, and if I just waited until the game was done who knows how different it would be from where we are now.

So I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and I'll be seeing you guys on Monday. As always, let me know what you think.


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