Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.5.2 is out, jumping back into Weekly Progress!

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Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, view your items and change avatar!

What's new in v3.5.2: Click here to read all the details on what was added.
  • New Story Level - Rock Tunnel - Make your way across the maze-like tunnel and find the exit. Battle against multiple trainers, wild pokemon and a giant onix! Can you save the old man and finish his quest for a shiny voltorb? Or will your spend your days on the cave training your pokemon?

    Rock Tunnel Level
  • Targeting System - Choose from a variety of commands to your pokemon so that he will attack specific targets. The commands are: Regular, Fastest, Slowest, Least Health, Most Health, Super Effective (Super Effective will prioritize target's that your pokemon would be more effective against. For Example Pikachu will now hit Zubats first before he tries to hit geodude if they are all together.), Ignore Red (Ignore pokemon when they have a red bar), Focus Candy (Prioritize pokemon with candy), Ignore Candy (Prioritize pokemon without candy).

Targeting System
  •  Three new pokemon to catch - Onix, Voltorb, Machop

  • New Shiny Quest - Save the old man in Rock tunnel to get the quest

  • Increased Buff Durations

  • Increased Shiny rate

  • New Mystery Gift Avatar

  • Bug Fixes

Where can I play?
  • Play here on the blog by clicking on the "Play PTD!" tab.

  • Download the EXE, SWF or APK by clicking on the "Game Downloads Link" tab.

  • PlayTowerDefenseGame (Not yet updated)

  • FreeWorldGroup (Updated to v3.5.2)

  • Gamerfish (Updated to v3.5.2)

  • OneMoreLevel (Not yet updated)

  • NewGrounds (Updated to v3.5.2)

  • MiniJuegos (Updated to v3.5.2) 

A couple of notes for the update that you guys will find useful.
  • Beat Diglett's Cave to get HM Cut.

  • Use HM Cut on Route 2 to get Flash.

  • Pokemon that can learn flash.

  • You need a pokemon with flash in order to enter the Rock Tunnel.

  • You have to do something on the Rock Tunnel level before the Giant Onix will show up.

  • Giant Onix can attack your towers.

  • Save Old Man by beating Giant Onix.

I hope that is enough for now.

Update coming this weekend! Progress List: It's going to be a small one so that I can get back on track with weekend updates. Here's what I have so far.
  • Level cap up to 44 (100%)

    • Moves to Level 43 (100%)

      • Aromatherapy (100%)

      • Mind Reader (100%)

      • Hex (100%)

      • Explosion (100%)

      • Stored Power (100%)

    • Moves to Level 44 (100%)

      • SolarBeam (100%)

      • Coil (100%)

      • Inferno (100%)

      • Dragon Dance (100%)

  • Missing Relearn Moves (100%)

    • Dragon Claw (100%)

    • Shadow Claw (100%)

    • Air Slash (100%)

    • Flash Cannon (100%)

    • Pluck (100%) - Since there are no berries in the game yet, this attack will only do damage for now.

    • Thunder Fang (100%)

    • Cross Poison (100%)

    • Tri Attack (100%)

    • Kinesis (100%)

    • Wide Guard (100%)

    • Nightmare (100%)

    • Magical Leaf (100%)

    • Quick Guard (100%)

    • Power Swap (100%)

    • Guard Swap (100%)

    • Charge (100%)

  • Added TM (100%)

    • Shadow Claw

    • Flash Cannon 

    • Pluck - Since there are no berries in the game yet, this attack will only do damage for now. 

    • Tri Attack 

    • Nightmare

    • The Shiny and Legendary Dog Popups will now stay on until you click them off (100%)

    • Storage Rearrangement Update (100%) -

      • Pokemon in the storage will now be arranged left to right instead of up and down.(100%)

      • When swapping pokemon in the storage they now swap places instead of pushing everything down a block. (100%)

      • You can now sort by pokemon number or names (100%)

    • Being able to assign who you want to a trade (100%) - This is available now! Assign up 6 pokemon that you want for your trade or leave them empty. Other trainers will see what you have requested.

    • Being able to offer up to 6 pokemon in a trade (50%)

    • Trades will expire after 3 days and nobody has responded (0%)

    • Bug Fixes (100%)

      • Doing an NPC Trade with a pokemon that leveled up or evolved in that gameplay session will flag you as suspected of Hacking (100%) 

      • Fixing Submission so that it does less recoil damage (100%) - It now uses effective damage done instead of actual damage (Effective damage done is for example the attack does 500 damage but the enemy only has 100 life left then the effecitve damage done will be 100) and will pick the lowest recoil damage from 25% of effective damage done or 25% of the total percentage that the enemy took to his life (For example let's say you did 1000 effective damage but to the enemy that was only 40% of his life, instead of doing 250 recoil damage, you will do 25% of 40% which is 10% of your total life.) The game will pick the lowest one out of those two and that will be your recoil damage.

      • The graphical effect of vital throw will no longer fade your tower and will fade the enemy instead (100%) - This move is meant to be you throwing the enemy back to the path which is why the enemy shows up rotating.

      • No longer possible to drag any of the level select screens (100%) 

      • The Fastest and slowest targeting types will no longer ignore speed buffs and debuffs (100%)

    • Distribution (0%)

    As always let me know what you think!


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