Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly Progress: PTD v3.5, Title Screen Contest Finalist, ideas for the future.

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So our forum members have voted and the Title Screen Contest Finalist have been choosen! View the entries below and then vote on the poll for who you want to win! This title screen will replace the current one until I do another one of these contest.

WINNER! - Entry (1) is a flash animation, click here to view it.

Entry (2) Above

Entry (3) Above

Entry (4) Above

Entry (5) Above

Entry (6) Above

Entry (7) Above
Thanks to everybody who participated!

You guys voted and now you can change the nickname of a pokemon regardless if you got it from a trade.

Okay so let's talk about the update for this weekend.

We have another story mode level coming. This time we are heading to the Rock Tunnel and all it's darkness, Flash will finally have an "out of battle" use. This also means 2 new pokemon will be added along with their evolutions. Plus regular onix will also show up to be captured.

A new feature that many of you have requested for a long time is finally coming. I will be adding a tower targeting system to the game. You will be able to set your individual towers to specific targeting instructions such as attack first, attack last, attack with candy, etc.. please post your suggestions for good targeting commands on the comments below.

Finally, many of you have talked about alternative ways to get shiny pokemon that don't require extreme luck. So for one of the new pokemon that is coming in the update I will be adding a special quest inside the game that once you finish the quest you will be awarded the shiny version of that pokemon. The quest will be a combination of things that you will have to accomplish, the game will give you clues as to how to do the quest. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Eventually every pokemon will have it's own quest so that you can find it's shiny version. On top of that you can still find shiny pokemon randomly in the while just like you can now.

That's all I have for the update below you will see my progress in completing it, keep checking back during the week to see how I'm doing :)

New Story Level  (100%)- Rock Tunnel - Make your way across the maze-like tunnel and find the exit. Battle against multiple trainers, wild pokemon and a giant onix! Can you save the old man and finish his quest for a shiny voltorb? Or will your spend your days on the cave training your pokemon?
  • Intro Scene (100%)

  • Level Layout (100%)

  • Level Waves (100%)

  • Ending Scene (100%)

  • Rock Tunnel Preview - Choosing which path you want to take.
 2 New Pokemon to Catch (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)

  • Shiny Graphics (100%)

  • New moves (9) (100% done)

  • Add these pokemons' stats into the game (100%)

3 New Pokemon Evolutions (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)

  • Shiny Graphics (100%)

  • Add these pokemons' stats into the game (100%)

New Relearn Move (100%)
  • Submission

    Increased Shiny Rate (100%) - Increased it from 1/10,000 to 1/8000 to better match the real games. I won't be increasing it anymore than this.

    Trade Center - Non Shiny Pokemon will now say "Regular" after their level and "Shiny" is now bolded (100%) - This is to prevent scamming.

    Attacking pokemon can only be made to turn around once (100%) 

    New Title Screen (Postponed) The Winner has not sent me the fla files yet.
    Title Screen skip function (Postponed) The Winner has not sent me the fla files yet.

    Certain pokemon's tower health is too big when caught (100%)

    Targeting Menu
    Targeting System (100%) - Choose from a variety of commands to your pokemon so that he will attack specific targets. The commands are: Regular, Fastest, Slowest, Least Health, Most Health, Super Effective (Super Effective will prioritize target's that your pokemon would be more effective against. For Example Pikachu will now hit Zubats first before he tries to hit geodude if they are all together.), Ignore Red (Ignore pokemon when they have a red bar), Focus Candy (Prioritize pokemon with candy), Ignore Candy (Prioritize pokemon without candy).

    Pokemon used or captured on the hacked version of the game will now be tagged with (Hacked Version) on the trading center and will not be eligible as pokemon for any shiny quest requirement. (100%) - This will only affect pokemon that are placed in a spot or captured from v3.5 of the hacked game. All your previous pokemon that leveled up with the hacked version will not be retroactively tagged. (Note: You can still use these pokemon in your game like any other pokemon.)

    New pokemon shiny quest (100%) - Get clues in the game to finish this quest and get the shiny version of this pokemon.

    Increased Duration of all Buff (100%)

    Fix Diglett's Cave Level (100%) - Pokemon hit with moves that make them turn around will make the candy dissapear before reaching the end.

    Fix Diglett's Cave Intro Typos (100%)

    Lower Diglett's Cave's pokemon's health (100%)

    Security Update (100%) - Preventing the use of programs like Cheat Engine to change a pokemon's number or level. Doing this will result in not being able to save your game and having to log in again.

    Adding New Mystery Gift Avatar (100%)

    Bug Fixes (100%)
    • Enemy pokemon can no longer grab candy from far away (100%)

    • Doing two achievements at the same time will now save both achievements (100%)

    Distribution (0%)

      So that's what I have so far for the update, like I said before let me know which commands you would like the best in the comments below.

      More on Shiny Quest - For people who are worried about all their time searching for shinies being wasted. This shiny quest won't be for a pokemon that was previously in the game. Also the shiny quest isn't going to be easy and will require a lot of effort for example you might need to catch a rare pokemon 10 times in one sitting, or might have to present a pokemon with a certain move. Even beat a level a certain finish the quest. The quest won't be quick and easy I'll make sure of that, the good thing about the quest is that there is a guaranteed prize at the end. You aren't just looking and looking not knowing if it will show up. 

      Ideas for the Future
      I've come up with an idea that will make it possible to keep all the attack's cooldown at 18 and give them their proper attack power from the handheld games.

      The idea is to implement PP.

      After a lot of great feedback I've decided to scrap the PP idea, and find a better solution to make it work. Scrapping the PP idea is actually better for me since I don't have to deal with coding that system. If you don't know about the PP idea don't worry about it, chances are you wouldn't like it.

      Instead I'm going to do something with pokemon abilities. Basically the more your pokemon attacks or gets attacked (think street fighter 4 meters) the more rage it will build. Once you have a full rage bar you can use that pokemon's ability! I'll be looking at what abilities the games use for each pokemon but I will tweak them or completely change them into something that will be extremely useful in the game. For example when using Bulbasaur to defend you might want to use his Overgrow ability which would remain similar to the game. Once you fill up your meter and use the ability his damage will gain a great boost for a limited time. But if you are attacking then you might use Chlorophyll which I would change into not only giving you a speed boost but also heals you as well. These abilities will also have a passive component to them. So for overgrow if your pokemon gets damaged and only has very little life left then the ability will trigger for a short amount of time (abilities will have cooldown). So they will be passive yet if you build up your rage meter you can unleash a stronger version of the ability whenever you feel like.

      For the moves to keep their original values and have relatively close cooldowns (some will be slightly lower or slightly higher) I will have to implement: being able to miss, being able to take recoil damage, being able to heal yourself (moves like absorb), towers being able to get status effects like paralysed and confused.

      So what do you think? As always leave me comments below about what you think.


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