Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.6 is out! Let's talk! HTD Tuesdays, Snd Coins, and Daily Codes!

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  • Level cap increased to 44 - This included adding 9 new moves that different pokemon will learn.

  • Missing Relearn Moves - A long time coming, your pokemon will finally be able to learn all the relearn moves that were missing. A total of 16 new moves.

  • New TMs - I made some of the relearn moves TMs.

  • Shiny and Legendary Dog popup will now stay on the screen until you click it off - A lot of you asked for this and I felt like having a poll would be a waste since I know most of you would want it this way ;)

  • Better Storage Rearrangement - Also a long time coming, now you can sort your pokemon by number or name. When swapping pokemon in the storage they will simple swap positions instead of bumping everything over.

  • Trading Center Upgrades - I still haven't finished all of them (will do so early next week), but you will be able to request who you want for a trade, you can offer up to six pokemon, if you offer what the other trainer is requesting it will automatically do the trade. Also trades will only last a certain number of days (haven't decided yet how many) until they are taken down. This is so that you know all the trades are recent and haven't just been sitting there and the trainer will never return. Like I said before these are not finished yet.

  • Bug Fixes -  

    • Fixed the game wrongly accusing you of hacking when you did an NPC trade.

    • Submission will now do way less recoil damage.

    • Vital throw won't fade your character out anymore since you are throwing the enemy.

    • You can no longer drag any of the level select screens.

    • Also the fastest/slowest targeting option will now take into account any speed debuffs or buffs.

Where can I play?
Okay so this week the update was more compact than usual, the reason for this is that I was starting to get off track from weekend updates and I wanted to get back on track. I still managed to put in quite a bit of things in there. I'm really glad I got the relearn moves done, since I had promised to add them a while ago.

There will be a new mystery gift hunt by Monday!

First I wanted to talk about Whirlwind and moves like that and also the targeting system.

The enemy can now only be turned around once. Not once per tower. Not once per specific move. Just once per enemy. Many will say I ruined the best strategy in the game. My response is that it wasn't really a strategy, it was more an exploit, an exploit that I fixed. If I kept it the way it was you could beat pretty much every defend level with it.

This brings me to my next point which is many of you think the targeting system doesn't work because of this turn around issue. The reason your pokemon might not whirlwind the same target twice even if you told it to focus candy is because that pokemon can't be turned around twice. So your tower has to ignore that enemy. Also a misconception is that some focus targeting settings will ignore everything else besides their focus. The only setting that works this way is "Ignore Red", the rest of the settings will prioritize their setting but if nothing else is available they will attack anything that is around. Lastly for the "super effective" setting you have to keep in mind dual types, your pokemon might be super effective against one of the enemies type but the other type might cancel the effect.

Second thing is a small update on Ninja-ja, Dan is working on the update and I think it will come out this week coming up :)

Third up is Daily Codes! Okay I got some great ideas for daily codes, but first I want to tell you more about what daily codes will be. For the daily code you will visit the Pokemon Center and go to a new "Daily Code" section. You will be able to once a day get a daily code that will have a chance at winning some prizes. To get your daily code you will use your poke dollars to buy a daily code. There will be different categories that you will buy. The more expensive the category the better possible prizes you will get. This is only one of the first ways that you will be able to spend your poke dollars. To get your excited for the Daily Code some of the prizes I have in mind are the following: Pokemon with breeding moves, Rare Shiny Pokemon, Legendary Dogs, Exclusive Avatars and more.

Now let's talk about SnD Coins, does anybody still remember them? Well I do, and here is my current plan. I really want to hear your opinion about how I'm thinking about using the coins. I'm not going to do something that will upset the vast majority of you so I want to first tell you about the idea before I decide to actually go thru with it. Okay so some people have been asking me recently about being able to donate money to get certain pokemon and well donations really help this game stay alive. There are servers to pay and when multiplayer comes the amount to pay will increase by quite a bit. My idea is to implement SnD Coins that you buy with real money. Once you have the coins in your account you can go and use the Coins to buy exclusive items rare items on any of my games (the coins will work on present and future games). For PTD this will mean you can use the coins to buy Rare Pokemon that are hard to find in the game. They say time is money, so if you really want the pokemon but don't want to spend all the time hunting for it or aren't getting lucky in the daily code then there is an alternative which is to buy the pokemon. Again I'm throwing this idea out there, you let me know how you feel about it.

Just wanted to make a small note about the SnD Coins, if you can't or don't want to pay for the coins it doesn't mean you should vote "No", vote "No" if you feel like nobody should be able to buy pokemon. Thanks for listening.

A little more on what you can buy for the SnD Coins. The items for sale won't be something that you can't get in the game itself. They won't be exclusive. They will be items that other people will be able to get in the game for free but that take a long time to get. 

Lastly I want to talk about HTD and HTD Tuesdays. First you might be wondering HTD, what is that? HTD is the initials for our next game. HTD stands for Hero Tower Defense and it's going to be a great tower defense that I hope you guys will love it. HTD will take what you love about RPGs and MMOs and mix it in with the Tower Defense formula. We are talking epic armor, classes, talents, weapons, crafting, quest, loot drops, parties, dungeons, raids, bosses, and much much more. The artist that we ended up hiring is working on this game and I can't wait to show you guys more of his art for that game. I would love to show you this game in action but there is a problem.. ALL of my time is devoted to PTD and making updates for it. What I'm asking you guys is wouldn't it be fun to have a day, let's say Tuesday, where I work on HTD and I talk about what I did that day and show you week by week the progress that the game is making?

Let your voice be heard on the polls, and as always let me know what you think! I'll be posting the weekly progress on Monday, I will be taking Sunday to relax :)


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