Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 4!

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Today we're going to touch on some ideas we have for HTD and where we hope to take it.

So over the years Sam and I have played many games from all different genres. While most games generally share similar ideas overall, every once in awhile you'll experience something that sticks with you because of how awesome it was. It might be a quest with a great story, maybe an intense boss encounter, perhaps even just a spe
cific environment, dungeon, or town that left you feeling like you were actually there. Sometimes it's certain characters and their personalities, etc. It could even just be a cool item, ability, or spell. Whatever it may be it leaves you with a great memory and sometimes you wish you could experience it again.

Sam and I have a lot of these memories and we think it would be cool to be able to relive some of them again, but this time in HTD. This means you might notice some of the content we create is greatly influenced by something else you might be familiar with. While we don't want to copy these things exactly, for several reasons, we would like to look at the general concept of something, add some S&D flavor, and create something that is both new and nostalgic.

We stopped to think though, why stop at just games? Some of our memories are from books or movies too, so why not add them into the mix? Lord of the Rings comes to mind. Also, Sam and I are only two people, we haven't played, read, or seen everything. So why not ask our fans! What are your favorite memories? Let's hear about them in the comments. Of course, anything we put into HTD has to be relevant. You're not going to see a bunch of stuff that doesn't really fit just so we can rereate the memory. Sorry Star Wars fans, I'm not sure a Death Star would fit into the HTD world exactly.. unless maybe you have space gnomes or something. :P

As for those of you who prefer purely original content, rest assured. We'll have plenty of original content. We have a lot of our own ideas and hopefully we can create some new experiences that will leave a lasting impression for all to remember!

On a final note, while I'd love to give you some examples of what we have in mind I don't want to spoil anything. I will, however, give you this little teaser of the level Kevin is currently working on. Let's see what you think it might be in the comments. :)

Level Teaser

Don't forget to leave any feedback you might have for us, it's always welcomed! Sam will probably add some more later as well.


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