Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress for v4.1, Level cap, and Potions

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Okay so we are starting this week's update a little late but I will update this weekend. First if you haven't seen my brother's fan film I suggest you check it out, it came out great. He told me he is making a second video since you guys liked it so much. We also thought that you guys would enjoy a different point of view of the events in the game rather than just follow the game exactly so the movies will follow two new trainers.

Pokemon TD Fan Film
The Game Corner is out, you can play up to 500 times every day. You get 100 coins to start, if you ever go down to 0 then you will get 100 coins again, compliments of Giovanni himself. Different Machines have different rates of winning and different rates on their prizes. Some machines win more often, some win less often. Some have higher chances to win better prizes. You can win 8, 15, 100 or 300 coins. Play every day and save up for the new pokemon. Some of you, before the Game Corner came out, in the blog comments mentioned that you would like to buy the shiny versions of the pokemon with the casino coins, I thought it was a great idea but obviously the price for them has to be extreme since shiny pokemon are meant to be something that takes some time to get.

I get a lot of request by email or in the comments about converting Pokedollars to SnD Coins or Casino Coins. Before I can properly answer this question I have to address Pokedollars, right now getting a huge amount of Pokedollars is very easy to do, so providing a way to convert them to SnD Coins or Casino Coins essentially means that you could have an unlimited supply of SnD Coins and Casino Coins. I have decided that I'll be adding Casino coins to the Daily Codes. Instead of getting normal pokemon with breeding moves often you will get Casino coins often and the pokemon will be uncommon. The more you pay for the code the more Casino coins you can get. This will be implemented by this weekend.

Okay so let's talk about this weekend's update. These are the main things I want to get done.

These are for v4.1 which will be out this weekend.

Distribution (0%) - Creating all the different version, sending out the different versions to all it's locations. 

I want to increase the level cap up to 50 but I don't know if I will make it so I will do it one level at the time. When that level is done I will post the next one.
  • Level Cap Increase to 45 (100%) - New Moves (4)
    • Horn Drill (100%) - Nidoran Male
    • Fissure (100%) - Diglett
    • Punishment (100%) - Mankey
    • Lock-On (100%) - Porygon
  • Level Cap Increase to 46 (100%) - New Moves (2)
    • Quiver Dance (100%) - Butterfree
    • Curse (100%) - Onix
  • Level Cap Increase to 47 (100%) - New Moves (5)
    • Hyper Beam (100%) - Gyarados
    • Leaf Storm (100%) - Victreebel
    • Wring Out (100%) - Bellsprout
    • Grudge (Skipped) - Vulpix - There is no PP in the game so this move will be skipped. In the future I might come back and add it.
    • Guillotine (100%) - Pinsir
      The other big thing I want to do is add potions to the game, the first implementation gives you the regular potion for free as a default, eventually you will be able to buy upgrades for the potions. Once you upgrade you will get the updated potion for now on. With potions you will be limited to using 6 potions per level. Once you use 6 you won't be able to use it anymore until you start a new level. 6 should be enough to provide you a chance to beat the more difficult levels. They will work like the pokeball, you can drag it to your tower or drag it to the button at the bottom of the screen. I will also be adding the life bar to the button for each pokemon, so it will help you keep track of the tower's health.
      Scyther doing Fissure (He can't learn it, I'm only testing). Notice the life bar in the button, and the potion above the pokeball.
      • Adding life bars to the tower buttons (100%)
      • Adding the regular potions to the game (100%) - Drag this to the towers to heal that pokemon for 20 health. Does not work on enemy pokemon.

        Like I mentioned before I want to add Casino Coins to the Daily Codes and tweak some of the numbers on that.
        • Add Casino Coins to Daily Codes (100%) - Casino Coins will become the easiest prize to get on Daily Coins. This is available now!
        • Tweak the Daily Code prizes percentage to fit in the Casino Coins (100%)
        The last thing I will work on is the big bugs that are hitting the game right now. The button pictures of the new pokemon are not showing correctly. (Examples: Eevee evolutions show gyarados, porygon, pinsir, scyther showing up as moltres, and new shinies showing up as Bulbasaur). Another bug is the life bars of your towers, making them behave correctly when you take damage. Also there is a bug when you remove your pokemon before it dies, so I will try to squash that also. Another small bug is pokemon in the Celadon Gym Level are running away after using their powder attacks (poison powder, sleep powder).
        • The tower's button showing the wrong pokemon (Ex. Flareon showing as Gyarados) (100%)
        • Tower's Life bar not showing correctly when taking damage (100%)
        • Removing a Tower before it dies bugs out (100%)
        • Enemy in Celadon gym turning around after using Sleep Power or Poison Powder (100%)
        • Fix False Swipe to actually work (100%)
        • Fix Daily Codes Reset (100%) - This is available now, you will no longer be able to use the code as much as you want on certain occasions.
        • Allow only members of Team Rocket to play in the game corner (100%) This is available now! This was made because you guys voted it to be this way!
        • Fixed a bug that was causing your moves not to go on cooldown when you missed (100%)
        I was going to add a new challenge level but because I'm starting at the middle of the week I won't be able to fit that in.

        We are about half way done with the story mode, 4 more gym battles, the elite 4, and then the final battle against Mewthree!

        As always let me know what you think about the game, and about all things going on with Sam & Dan Games.


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