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Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress for v4.3, Avatar Chat, Scams, Top 10 forum questions of the week!

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Hey guys, Sam here, v4.2 was released recently, here is a small summary of what is in it.

What's new in v4.2 

New Challenge Level - Celadon City Gym, can you win the shiny magnemite without the help of Celebi and not using your own pokemon?
Level Cap up to 50 - New moves are introduced into the game because of this level cap increase.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon -Magnemite and it's evolution Magneton!
17 new moves added to the game.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Magneton.
New TMs
  • Iron Tail
  • Stone Edge
  • Added Aerial Ace to Scyther's TM List
  • Pikachu can now learn and relearn Thunder at level 50
  • Game Corner now takes 5 coins to play, you only get 50 turns, but you win x10 more coins on each prize (80, 150, 1000, 3000) - This change was made to alleviate the server from too many request. Since you only get 50 turns instead of 100.
Where can I play?
Top 10 Forum Questions of the Week:

I talked last week about our community forums merging and adding some new features. One of the features is that every week the forum moderators will gather 10 questions that they want to ask me or Dan and we answer them each week. So here are the questions and answers.

1) xplay10: In the most recent level, "Celadon City", Celebi has mentioned that Mewtwo's triumph will end and won't be coming back for the sequels to come, along with Joey. Do you plan on having Pokemon like Mewtwo in terms of strength become the main villains for the upcoming sequels? If so, will they be shown in PTD following the main storyline?

I haven't decided if I will make a sequel yet, but if I did I would definitely have a strong main villain in the game that compares to Mewtwo. If I do make a sequel it would be a different game so PTD will stop once it reaches it's last level. You won't see the next villain on PTD.

2) Muncho11/Budgetspaner: What is the chance of actually finding a legendary beast (Suicune, Raikou, Entei) in the wild? And will we be able to catch multiple legendaries (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo), or will it be only one per profile?

I get asked this question about once per day lol. I'm not revealing the exact encounter rate of the Legendary Beast since it can lead to hacking. I'm still deciding on the second part of this question. But I would think that you can't get more than one of each of those per profile. (Unless you trade)

3) blastoise 889: What is your favorite Pokemon?

I have a soft spot for Bulbasaur, since he was my first pokemon. I also like Poliwag, which happens to be the first created pokemon.

4) Trainer Red: Where do you get your inspiration for PTD and what was your first acquaintance with Pokemon?

I've always liked Pokemon since I first saw it on a comic on the Nintendo Power Magazine. I bought the game before it became insanely popular in the States and I've really liked it since but I haven't liked how they have continued to make the same game over and over. I got inspired to make PTD when I noticed a bunch of other Pokemon Apps on the Android Marketplace. I figured I would make a Pokedex or a virtual pet simulator. As I was making the simulator I noticed that I might as well do something more enjoyable. So I saw that the highest grossing android game at the time was a tower defense. Immediately I thought about capturing your enemy and using them as towers.

5) almostpro: Do you plan on changing Pokemon adoption prices? (10 for a starter seems high because all other non-legendary are 5 at most. People would rather buy new game corner Pokemon than starters. I believe there should be a clearer distinction between Pokemon in terms of trade value and I believe dogs and Mews should be different in price as well.)

There is a possibility that the prices might change in the future, but it's not in my plans at this time.

6) gogogogo99: Will you ever let new PTD players get the past mystery gift avatars?

I'll find ways to re introduce the past avatars, without boring the people that already have them.

7) ZKS: Have you ever considered buying your own server? (As an accountant, I see how much my company spends on them. They don't have a massive start up cost, especially since our data is relatively small and upkeep is negligible)

I do have a host that I pay monthly for the server that hold the Pokemon Center, I think the game corner really slowed everything down, but now with the change on it I hope it will help the issue.

8) KimmyLube: Real world question - outside of PTD, what exactly is your real world job?

Outside of PTD, I'm a programmer, I work remotely from home. Hopefully soon I will be able to leave the job and focus completely on Sam and Dan Games.

9) Link: How do you think the cooperation with S&D Central will continue? Do you have any ideas for future cooperation plans?
I think think the cooperation between us and the Forums can only get better from now. I don't have anything specific but I'm sure we can work on some contest :)

10) PokeFan Gen. 1: Since the safari zone will be coming within the next month or so I was wondering will the level layout be similar to Rock Tunnel? With multiple rooms (zones) where you catch certain Pokemon? I feel like safari zone is such a key section it may take two weeks to actually put it together

Yeah the Safari Zone is a big deal, a lot of new pokemon will show up there. Right now I'm thinking of an idea for it that not everybody will get every pokemon but that each profile will get it's own pokemon out of a list. This is to encourage more trading. I also like the idea that your profile is unique from another. The layout itself might be similar to Rock Tunnel or it might be something new.

Well that was fun! Head to the forums if you want to submit your question and have them posted next week.

About Scams: 

I want to talk about something that I have been receiving some emails about. I've been receive a lot of emails about people being Scammed. I know that Scams are a terrible thing, but it's one of the things that I really can't stop since most scams aren't doing anything illegal. So here are some tips to protect yourself.
  • If the person wants more than 6 pokemon, avoid the trade unless you personally know this person is trustworthy.
  • Do all trades through the Trading Center's system. Use the request feature that way you know that what you are getting is what it's supposed to be.
  • If the pokemon's picture doesn't show up on the Trading Center then that pokemon is not what it seems to be, do not trade for this pokemon.
I hope that those simple tips can help somebody out there from being Scammed. I can't really help you with scams cause there is really no proof of it happening. For all I know you are trying to scam me!

Weekly Progress List: 

So let's talk about this next week coming up.

New Story Level  (100%)- Team Rocket's Secret Base
We managed to beat Erika and get our fourth badge! Now it's time to head to Team Rocket's Secret base and grab the supply of Silph Scopes, but there is somebody in the way!

Level Cap up to 52 (100%) - Getting closer and closer to Dragonite!
  • Extrasensory (100%) - Vulpix
  • Heat Wave (100%) - Growlithe
  • After You (100%) - Clefairy
  • Superpower (100%) - Pinsir

New Mystery Gift Pokemon (100%) - It doesn't bug me to add this new pokemon into the game.
  • Graphic (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add Stats to Game (100%)
  • New Evolution (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add Stats to Game (100%)

Avatar Chat (0%) - Use your avatar to enter a virtual room and chat with other trainers. This is the first step towards Multiplayer.

Potion Upgrade (100%) - Receive the upgrade when you beat the new story level!
Adding Steamroller to Golem (100%) 
Adding leveling up will restore your pokemon's health (100%) 
Added Arrow key/WASD controls to move the level maps (100%) 

  • Hyper Beam (100%)

Bug Fixes
  • Added Swagger to Hypno and Drowzee at level 45 (100%)- Thanks Tyd from the blog comment!
  • Geodude now properly learns Stone Edge at level 50 (100%)  
  • Make Tri attack faster so it shows all the components and lower the amount of particles in the attack so it will hit faster (100%)
  • Using the attack Double Hit, freeze the game (100%)
Distribution (0%)

That's all I have for now as always, let me know what you think!


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