Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v4.3 is out now!

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Hey guys, Sam here, v4.3 is now out! Here is a summary of what is new and changed.

What's new in v4.3

New Story Level - Team Rocket Hideout - Meet a certain video game creator that will train you for your next battles. On this level even if all the candy is taken you will still win. Later on I will add achievements for actually beating the level correctly.
New battle song from The Kira Justice -
Level Cap up to 52 - New moves are introduced into the game because of this level cap increase.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon -Venonat and it's evolution Venomoth!
New Adoption Pokemon -Venonat is now available for adoption!
4 new moves added to the game.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Venomoth.
Added Keyboard Controls for scrolling the map - Arrow keys or WASD.
Potion upgrade - When you beat the latest level.
New TMs
  • Hyper Beam
  • Pokemon that level up will regain all their health.
  • Added steamroller for Golem.
  • Added Swagger to Hypno and Drowzee at level 45- Thanks Tyd from the blog comment!
  • Geodude now properly learns Stone Edge at level 50
  • Made Tri attack faster so it shows all the components and lower the amount of particles in the attack so it will hit faster.
  • Using the attack Double Hit will no longer freeze the game.
  • Pikachu can now learn and relearn Thunder at level 50.
  •  Game Corner now takes 5 coins to play, you only get 50 turns, but you win x10 more coins on each prize (80, 150, 1000, 3000) - This change was made to alleviate the server from too many request. Since you only get 50 turns instead of 100.
Where can I play?
On monday I will post the top 10 forum questions of the week along with the new weekly progress list. Next week we are going back to the Pokemon Tower! Gastly and Cubone!

That's all I have for now as always, let me know what you think!


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