Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: v4.7 is out! PTD Fan Film part 2, Web Series, Weekly progress!

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Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v4.7

Pokemon Fan Film Part 2 - Short by Joel Otero (My brother :D ) - Check out part 2 of the PTD Fan Film!

New Story Level - Poke Tower 2 - What awaits us at the next level of the tower!?
New Pokemon to capture - It's a surprise!
Level cap up to 62 - Why not!
New Special Halloween Avatars to collect - Thanks Kimmy Lube and Zyon!
  • Follow the Mystery Hunt to get the Gastly Avatar!
  • Play the Daily Code to win one of the 5 Halloween Avatars!
  • Buy the Duskull Costume with your Casino Coins in the Game Corner!
  • Buy any of the Halloween Avatar in the Avatar Store in the Pokemon Center for SnD Coins!
Implementing Accuracy and Evasion properly - Meaning attacks that lower or raise accuracy/evasion will affect the chances of hitting the target. This will work with your attacks and the enemy's.
Add a new effect similar to Black and White when an ability is triggered
Adding more abilities for other pokemo
  • Keen Eye - For Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, Fearow, Farfetch'd
    • Prevents other pokemon from lowering the accuracy of this pokemon. 
Changing the way saving works to prevent pokemon from being lost due to server errors - This will also make your saving take less time since it only saves what is necessary.
Fixed a duplication exploit - There was a hole in security that allowed people to duplicate their pokemon.
Added security to the Pokemon Center - It is now okay to share your url with other players.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the lowering of special attack debuff from working
The Lower (Special) Attack Debuff will now last 1800
Attacks that lower the target's (special) attack will no longer make them drop the candy. Only attacks that lower accuracy will make them drop the candy. This results in a shorter cooldown for these attack

Where can I play?
That was a long week! I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I got most of it done :) My brother finally finished the second part of the PTD Fan Film check it out and let him know what you think. Speaking of my brother, him and I are co-writing a new web series that is a mockumentary (Think The Office) about two brothers who want to work in the entertainment industry. Him  making movies and me making video games. I'll be co-writing and doing some voice work for my character and he will be doing everything else. You can expect the pilot episode sometime in December. For Hero Tower Defense we want to release the first version of the game by January, so look forward to it. I still plan to make a HTD tab and a Labs tab in the near future to talk about any ideas that we have here at Sam & Dan Games. Now for the weekly questions from the forums.

Weekly Questions from the Forums!

1. Mitha: How important is balancing to you? Since most of the stats and moves are given by the original, you don't have much leeway, but you can balance a bit by how the animations work etc. Or don't you care at all about this?
Sam:I do care a lot about balancing the game, once the game is done I will go back and try to fix any imbalances but for now I fix as I go.

2. Robert Conley: Would you ever consider coding the Pokemon Center's trading system using javascript(link showing as javascript:void when moused over) so that we don't have to wait for a page load (instead possibly having a pop up that says the pokemon was removed, put up, or received) to deposit, remove, or receive Pokemon and then returning to the trade page?
Sam: I don't have a lot of experience in javascript but as time goes on I will try to make the Pokemon Center more intuitive.

3. Crazymerio: Will you eventually revamp some of the levels and features so that a new player can better understand the game/give the game more continuity. The best example I can think of is the adding of the main character not appearing in the very beginning of the game. It is very strange for the main character to go from you(outside of the computer) to an avatar in the game.

Sam:Yes! I do plan to do things like this little by little. The level rebalance is for this very thing. Even though I didn't get to finish it this week.

4. Mudkipz: Are we going to see more "cameo"-esk characters?
For example Maruto - The majority of people know who this is supposed to be, and i like the idea of them. If so will se be seeing any of them soon?

Sam: Yes! I will try to fit more in here and there :)

5. Trainer Red: What do you have to say to all the people trying to hack PTD at the moment?

Sam: Stop! Please :)

6. NinjaGod: Do you plan for avatar chat to become the main chat for PTD? (do you expect it to replace the IRC channels when it is done)?

Sam: No, I don't want it to replace the IRC chats.

7. Djm1997: What do you plan to make fly do since we can go everywhere instantly? Will it give us special levels or what?

Sam: I'm still thinking about what it can do exactly.

8. Xehanorto: Do you plan to nerf certain abilities that can't work for a Tower Defense game?
Sam: I usually remove moves that doesn't fit or try to change them. An example of this was Sand Attack not lowering accuracy since the enemy couldn't attack you before, but now that they can I added accuracy and Sand Attack behaves like it does in the game. So some of the missing moves will show up later on possibly.

9. ZKS: Do you plan on changing how Helping Hand works? Right now, it's extremely overpowered and makes all other stat boosting moves (Quiver Dance, Baton Pass, Dragon Dance, etc) worthless. And, do you plan on making BP able to pass a Sub or Water Ring like the games do?
Sam:Helping Hand is overpowered at the moment, to really make things interesting I would have to make buffs/debuffs stack 6 times. I do want to make Baton Pass more useful in the future.

10. Slash: Have you considered making special sprites/versions of certain Pokemon? ex. Ash's Squirtle (Wearing the Squirtle Squad glasses) or Gary's Giant Krabby?
Sam: Yes I have considered it but I never get the time to add them in.

If you want your question to show up on next week's blog go to our forum now (look at the fan links tab up top) and submit your question.

So we have a lot of left over things to do from last week so let's start there.

I won't be able to work a lot today (Saturday) and tomorrow so I will be postponing what is left for next week and releasing in about 2 hours (1:28PM Est), thanks for playing :)

Adding more features to the chat to prevent spamming (100%)
  • Added names being in a blue color to prevent users from impersonating other people (100%)
  • Satoshi users will now have name Satoshi1, Satoshi2... etc (100%)
  • It is now possible to ignore somebody by typing in /ignore nickname (Replace nickname with the users nickname) (100%) - They will be ignored while you are in the chat room, leaving the chat room will reset the ignore.
Adding a new layout to the trading center (Postponed ): ) - Thanks Nssvelocity!
Going back and making the game less grindy for new players (Postponed ): ) -  The newest level will always be top end and require a high level team.
Allow players to change their email and/or password in the pokemon center (Postponed ): ) - You will have to supply your own email and password in order to change them to prevent hackers from changing it.
Change the way getting shiny pokemon in the wild works to prevent hacking of shiny pokemon (Postponed ): ) - Adding a new way to find shiny pokemon.
New Pokemon To capture (100%)
  • New Moves (3) (Skipping one for now, but will add it once I fit all the mechanics in the game for it) (100%)
  • Implement Graphics (100%)
  • Implement Shiny Graphics (100%)
  • Implement Stats (100%)
  • Implement Moves/TMs (100%)
New Story Level (100%) - Training Level!
  • Level Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
New TM (100%)
  • Ice Beam (100%)
Level cap to 64 (100%)
  • Acid Armor (100%) - Vaporeon
Add an exp tag when leveling up (100%) - This is a technical fix. This is included in v4.7.1
Made the Waterfall attack animation quicker (100%)
Made Waterfall attack show the correct attack type (not effective, super effective or normal) (100%)
Fixed Zap Cannon doing Shadow Ball instead of Zap Cannon (100%)
Make Destiny Bond and moves like that only work on pokemon that are at lower level than you (100%)
Fixed Onix learning Double-Edge twice and not learning Stone-Edge (100%) 
Made both Nidorans have a unique name ingame (Nidoran F and Nidoran M) (100%) 
It is no longer possible to put pokemon in type specific spots if they don't match the type (100%) 
Added the attack power to the attack description of Snore (100%)

That's what we have so far, as always let me know what you think, and keep coming back during the week to see how my progress on the update is going. As I work/finish parts I will update the blog.

Have a good week and Hero Tower Defense Tuesday is tomorrow so look forward to that!


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