Monday, October 24, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress and v4.6.1 official release

Want to get the legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Purchase some SnD coins and get Ninja-ja bonus items free! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

I'm aware of the people losing their pokemon.

To help resolve this issue I have added Battle Ready Non-Shiny Pokemon to the adoption center that are free of charge for this week ONLY. I will not be able to return any shiny pokemon. I will only be able to refund SnD coins to those who bought them and lost their pokemon.

Also I'm aware of new profiles not being able to save or press many buttons like the back button I will fix this on v4.6.2. Coming out shortly.

v4.6.2 is now out and fixes the saving issue with new profiles.


What's new in v4.6.1

Avatar Chat v1.0 - The avatar chat is now open, click on the blog tab to enter and chat with your other players.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon Goldeen -Get your own Goldeen!
2 new moves added to the game - For Goldeen.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Seaking.
Pokedex Remembering what you catch even if you release or trade away. 
New Feature - Abilities:
  • Overgrow - Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur - Increased damage by x1.5 on Grass attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Green when this ability is activated.
  • Blaze - Charmander,Charmeleon, Charizard - Increased damage by x1.5 on Fire attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Orange when this ability is activated.
  • Torrent - Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise - Increased damage by x1.5 on Water attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Blue when this ability is activated.
Trading Center - trades will last a max of 10 days before being taken down - Logging into the trading center will refresh the days left of your trades back to 10 days.
Trading Center - Sort the pokemon when you are offering a trade by number
The move Spark now correctly shows the right attack color when attacking 
Slow down speed to x1 when an achievement shiny pokemon shows up 
Fixed an issue with not being able to play a new game.

Where can I play?
Are you ready for another week of Sam and Dan Games?! Well I am! We haven't had much content here lately for PTD mainly due to building the avatar chat from scratch. But now that that's done I'm ready to ramp it up again on the single player for PTD. But before I get into that, the great members of our forum have provided me with the top 10 questions of the week.

Weekly Questions from the Forums!

1. Samzy: What do you think attracts players to PTD so much? And have you ever looked at PTD and thought, I made this popular creation, well done me :-) ?
Sam: It's not easy to see the game as a player but my opinion is that there are a lot of low quality fan made pokemon games out there. So when a player starts playing this game they might think it's just another bad fan game but when they see that it's fun and doesn't just slap pokemon in they really appreciate it. I am proud of this game and how far it has come :).

2. Mastersnowy: In HTD, will you be adding PTD benefits for beating levels? Or the other way around?
Sam: Yeah, this is something that Dan and I want to do eventually. Both ways.

3. Crazymerio: How do you decide which game suggestions to add, when you add new suggestion from the suggestions tab or from somewhere else?

Sam: This is a good question since there is really no right or wrong way of doing this. I basically look at a lot of variables. For example if we haven't had a new pokemon to catch in a while, when was the last time the level cap went up, what location do we have to visit next, is there major bugs that need to be fixed, is there a hack going around. After all of those are fufilled then I look the list of things I have in my head and the list on the site and which you guys have been asking for and I try to do those.

4. PikachuEevee: Where do you know Dan from?

Sam: We both worked at this warehouse, thats how we first meet.

5. King Slaughter House: Are you as motivated right now as you were when you first developed this game? And if not, what could get your gears grinding again ;-) ?

Sam: Yes and no, I'm still very excited about adding more to the game but when you are starting a new project the motivation is at the highest level. I think just the support of everybody and people playing the game week after week gets my gears grinding.

6. 1superheld: Do you think you will add a style (CSS) to the tradecenter?

Sam: Yes, a fan (Nssvelocity) made a layout a while ago that I want to implement soon.

7. NinjaGod: So, avatar chat is basically useless when someone is spamming... Can we get a kick for flooders and a ban for repeat-offenders?

Sam: Yes, I agree, more features will be added in v4.7.

8. Ume: Are you gonna add a halloween special event/level/story?
Sam: Yes, v4.7 will have some goodies :D

9.Link: How many people BOUGHT ninja-ja... and how many downloaded it after it became free. I'd like to see that comparison.
Sam: We don't actually keep track of how many people downloaded the free version but a little over 3,000 have submitted high scores. Less than 2,000 people have bought it since it came out. I think the big issue is that you have to download Ninja-ja, we have to put a version here on the blog that you can play right on the site.

10. MMaester: Roughly how many games have you already made before PTD? On Newgrounds there are 2 others available (Cannon Challenge and eTheatre), but are there more, and are they playable somewhere?
Sam: I've started tons of games before those two but never finished any of them.

If you want your question to show up on next week's blog go to our forum now (look at the fan links tab up top) and submit your question.

Okay just a quick thing with people getting scammed in the Trading Center. NEVER give anybody the url of any of your trades, only give them the trade ID. If you do accidentally do it log into your game and save. This will make the link not work anymore. I will be patching it up this week so that the url no longer contains sensitive information.

Okay so this week we have it all!

New Story Level - Poke Tower 2 (100%) - What awaits us at the next level of the tower!?
  • Level Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
New Pokemon to capture (100%) - It's a surprise!
  • Graphic (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • New Moves (5) (100%)
  • Add this pokemon's stats into the game (100%)
Level cap up to 62 (100%) - Why not!
New Special Halloween Avatars to collect (100%) - Thanks Kimmy Lube and Zyon!
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Add Graphics to game (100%)
  • Add to Avatar Chat (100%)
  • Implement for Mystery Gift (100%)
  • Implement for Daily Code (100%)
  • Implement for SnD Store (100%)
  • Implement for Game Corner (100%)
  • Implement on Change Avatar (100%)
Implementing Accuracy and Evasion properly (100%) - Meaning attacks that lower or raise accuracy/evasion will affect the chances of hitting the target. This will work with your attacks and the enemy's.
Add a new effect similar to Black and White when an ability is triggered (100%)
Adding more abilities for other pokemon (100%)
  • Keen Eye (100%) - For Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, Fearow, Farfetch'd
    • Prevents other pokemon from lowering the accuracy of this pokemon. 
    Changing the way saving works to prevent pokemon from being lost due to server errors (100%)
    Fixed a duplication exploit (100%) 
    Fixed an issue that was preventing the lowering of special attack debuff from working (100%) 
    The Lower (Special) Attack Debuff will now last 1800 (100%) 
    Attacks that lower the target's (special) attack will no longer make them drop the candy. Only attacks that lower accuracy will make them drop the candy. This results in a shorter cooldown for these attacks (100%) 
    Adding more features to the chat to prevent spamming (Postponed)
    Adding a new layout to the trading center (Postponed) - Thanks Nssvelocity!
    Going back and making the game less grindy for new players (Postponed) - This might not make it to this update. The newest level will always be top end and require a high level team.
    Allow players to change their email and/or password in the pokemon center (Postponed) - You will have to supply your own email and password in order to change them to prevent hackers from changing it.
    Change the way getting shiny pokemon in the wild works to prevent hacking of shiny pokemon (Postponed) - It is no longer possible to get shiny pokemon in the wild. A new way of hunting for them will be adding in the near future.

    That's what we have so far, as always let me know what you think, and keep coming back during the week to see how my progress on the update is going. As I work/finish parts I will update the blog.

    Have a good week and Hero Tower Defense Tuesday is tomorrow so look forward to that!


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