Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Progress and v4.5.1 release

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Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v4.5.1

Level Cap up to 60 - Last level increase until the next chapter!
Fast-Forwarding x3 and x4 - Speed up even more!
New Mystery Gift Pokemon Krabby -Get your own cute little krabby!
12 new moves added to the game - For Krabby and pokemon going up to 60.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Kingler.
  • Added hints on how to get Flash to the Rock Tunnel level
  • Fix an issue with not being able to put Gastly on the field after catching it
  • Fixed Perish Song
  • Fixed Curse
  • Fixed Dragon Tail makes the target turn around before hitting them
  • Earthquake's attack info will now include that it will hit your own towers
  • Adding more space on Mt. Moon 2 and Cerulean Gym so that you can see pokemon coming before attacking
  • Adding Speed x3 and x4
  • Using a Shiny Golem and Steamroller, the regular golem graphic shows up
  • Fixed Dragonite not learning Wing Attack at 55
  • Fixed Lick Attack's text color being the wrong one
  • Fixed Shiny Sprites for Ivysaur, Magnemite, Venusaur, Electrode
  • Fixed pokemon evolving will say Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur
  • Added Scope to inventory list in the Pokemon Center
  • If a pokemon faints while you are dragging it, it will now not be able to be placed on the field
  • Gave Curse a different effect if a ghost pokemon uses i
  • Fixed the move description for Outrage, the cooldown is off
  • You guys voted! Speed will slow down to x1 when a shiny or legendary popup shows up.
  • Fixed bug that the speed text would not change back to x1 when a shiny shows up.
  • Security Fixes to prevent shiny hacking.
Where can I play?
Well that was a long list! How are you guys? It's been a week since I've posted something here.I traded my Mew yesterday and I put up an Entei up for trade this week. My trade account name is samO so give me an offer. I can pretty much get any pokemon in the game instantly so don't ask for what I want specifically just think about making me a unique offer.

My brother is still hard at work on the next PTD video episode two. Check out his blog and show him your support for the videos. Aperture Eye Films.

Dan is also hard at work on the next Ninja-ja Update. Not sure when he will be done but he is working at it. He is also working on the game design for Hero Tower Defense and it's coming along great. I've been working more and more on HTD and I'm very excited to finally reach a point that we can finally let you guys play.

In a more personal level, I've decided to focus more on College and on creating games so I ended up resigning my job. It was kinda crazy how it all happened but now the dust is settled and I'm ready to move forward.

Speaking of moving forward I have totally failed on even starting the Avatar Chat, that 0% is completely true. To get it done I have to dedicate the whole week to it. So again this week we will take it a bit slow, yet providing you with new things to do. I want to implement a new feature but I'm not sure which of the two I will implement. Help decide which one, but before you vote read the descriptions below.

Option 1:
Held Items - Your pokemon will be able to hold on to different items like the everstone, charcoal, etc. Items will be found in the wild when you defeat a pokemon, in the daily code, the game corner, and by using snd coins to get them.

Option 2: Winner!
Pokemon Abilities - Each pokemon will have their passive abilities like in the game, pokemon might randomly be assigned one of their abilities when you capture it. There will also be some unique abilities pokemon offered in the daily code, the game corner and by using snd coins to get them.

So think about which of these you like to see first (The "loser" will be added in a later date to the game) and vote today!

Okay so here is the list so far!

v4.6 is now out in the blog, the official release along with the Goldeen Mystery Gift will be available by Monday.

Avatar Chat (100%) - Done! Go check it out! *points at new tab on the blog
Pokedex Remembering what you catch even if you release or trade away (100%) - You must first save your game on v4.6 for this to take effect.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon (100%) - This pokemon is shiny, bright, expensive and heavy! Or is that just his's Goldeen!
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add this pokemon's stats into the game (100%)
  • New Moves (2) (100%)
    • Waterfall (100%)
    • Soak (100%)
New Evolution (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add this pokemon's stats into the game (100%)
New Feature (100%) - Abilities - More abilities will be added each week. The reason for this is things like evasion and accuracy attacks are not properly implemented yet and some of the abilities are related to these stats. So I need to add those before I add those abilities.
  • Added Abilities for the starter pokemon (100%)
    • Overgrow - Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur - Increased damage by x1.5 on Grass attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Green when this ability is activated.
    • Blaze - Charmander,Charmeleon, Charizard - Increased damage by x1.5 on Fire attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Orange when this ability is activated.
    • Torrent - Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise - Increased damage by x1.5 on Water attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Blue when this ability is activated.
Trading Center - trades will last a max of 10 days before being taken down (100%) - Logging into the trading center will refresh the days left of your trades back to 10 days.
Trading Center - Sort the pokemon when you are offering a trade by number (100%)
The move Spark now correctly shows the right attack color when attacking (100%) 
Slow down speed to x1 when an achievement shiny pokemon shows up (100%)

Weekly Questions from the Forums!

1. Hypermania/Samzy: Do you plan to be FINISHED with the game after Mewthree? Will there be any post-game things to do, so after the main story is completed?

Sam: The main story will be finished, things to do after are playing multiplayer and trying to catch them all.

2. mudemude12: Will more legends from other regions help in the game? (e.g. Celebi, Entei, Raikou, Suicune)

Sam: Since Generation 1 has a limited amount of legendaries, I will introduce some from other generations.

3. JohtoTrainer: Why do you recolor the walking sprites with shiny colors from battle sprites instead of simply using the shiny walking sprites?

Sam: When I first looking for the sprite I didn't find the shiny ones so I had a friend (Haplo) create them. For a possible sequel I will just grab them from there :D

4. JohtoTrainer: Have you considered adding, in some way, Pokemon with event-only moves? (e.g. Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu)

Sam: Yeah, I do think about that, it's more about finding a good timing for it.

5. NinjaGod: Can we possibly get some type of ignore function for the trade center? (I get a lot of spam/lowball requests from the same users and I'd like to be able to auto ignore them.)

Sam: Yes! When will it happen I don't know yet.

6. Marth: When we beat the game will there be a challenge mode where you implement yourself in to the game as the game creator and send every pokemon out one by one shiny and non-shiny until you have sent out every pokemon in shiny and non shiny form and then give us a special avatar? o.o to show we beat the game and the really hard challenge mode

Sam: Sounds interesting, I might do something like that after the game is done.

7. ninja_trainer: Are you going to make challenge mode versions of every gym?

Sam: Not necessarily, but when the story is over I might go back and add more challenge levels.

8. ninja_trainer: Are you going to use some of the Fan-made levels in the game as story levels?
Sam: Probably not, most fan made suggestions are for challenge levels. I enjoy making the story levels myself :)
9. Ace: If, by any chance, Nintendo takes a sudden liking to PTD and would give you tons of dollars to buy it off of you, would you accept and why?
Sam: I think I would accept, one because it's their property and two because they have a lot more resources than me and the game can be a lot more polished and appear on the DS.
10. NinjaGod: Will there be mini-games in PTD for various prizes? (e.g. Duck Hunt -> Pidgey Hunt)
Sam: Sure, this is more about finding the time to create the mini games. There is a lot to be done in the game before I can think about adding mini games.

11. yamamitai: Will we have another chance to catch the weekly code only Pokemon like regular Staryu and Tentacool?

Sam: Yea! Once we get to the spots where they show up in the game or when you get a better rod you will be able to catch them like any other pokemon.

12. gogogogo99: Will you add more things to buy at the game corner?

Sam: Yes! Held items and pokemon with different abilities will show up in the game corner.

13: aleony: Will you ever do special holiday events and give out a special pokemon for that reason?

Sam: Yes, I think people enjoy things like that :)

14: Crazymerio: If this company ever expands, will you consider hiring another programer in order to decrease the work load and get more done in a week, or however long you plan on programming something? If this company does get larger, do you still plan on trying to listen to your fans to the best of your ability?

Sam: Programmers are really hard to hire because it's hard to really measure how skilled they are. The ideal candidate is somebody who has made a game in flash before in Action Script 3 and that their game is popular and played by many people. Also it is hard because PTD has tens of thousands lines of code so just hiring a programmer and expecting them to start working right away is not realistic. It would take months before they could work on it without much hand holding. But having said that we are always in the look out for talent and plan to expand more in the future. Also we would always try to listen to feedback and make the creation of our games be something kind of like a journey between us the developers and you the fans :)
As I get more done I will add more to the list, as always let me know what you think!


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