Sunday, March 20, 2011

Level 4 on Pokemon Tower Defense UPDATE

I must say that I am sorry about the confusion, level 4 is not completed yet, I'm going to make a small update that will make that more clear on the game, again sorry about that, I plan to have it done within a week so stay tuned. I guess while I'm here I'll also mention that the pokemon leveling is capped at level 10 for now, this cap will go up when level 6 of the game comes out. Thanks again for the great feedback! Keep it coming :D

I responded to the previous blog post in the comments here is my response:

"Thanks for the feedback guys, now time to answer some questions.

@Kevin, Bradly, Michelle, Ben - I posted a new blog entry about it, but your phones are not the problem the problem is that I haven't completed level 4, it will be coming in about a week, also evolving is implemented but since the level cap is at 10 only 2 pokemon can evolve right now (caterpie and weedle).

@Anonymous - Thanks, the reason I released it without finishing it is that it's going to take a good amount of time to get everything I want in there, so I rather people can start getting a taste of it and giving me their feedback so that I can make it better in the end."


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