Thursday, March 24, 2011

PTD: What's next? First Gym, Level Cap, about me, feedback, 11,000 downloads!

UPDATE: Level 5 is coming in less than 2 hours!

Hey everyone! I must say that it has been a crazy last couple of days for me, I did not expect the game to grow as much as it did so quickly but I welcome the growth with open arms. My goal for this game was to reach 10,000 downloads. That was my goal, I didn't know when it would happen maybe months, or a year, but here we are 3 days later and we are at over 11,000 downloads. That is all because of you guys! I can't say how much I appreciate it.

Your feedback has been amazing, a lot of changes in the game have been made due to this feedback, I read every post and reply to every email sent to me. I value what you guys think, even if you just say this game is awesome, especially if you say things like that it really help drive me even more.

The number one thing that people want is more levels, higher level cap, just more more more. I want to give you what you want! I'm trying really hard to deliver, and I'm not trying to make excuses but I do want you guys to know my situation so that we can understand each other better. First, I'm the only person working on this game. I have a full time job, I go to college at night, I like to hang out with my girlfriend, friends and family. Making games full time is a dream that I hope to accomplish, but I'm not there yet. That said I want to get this game done for you guys! Like I said before I just want to let you guys know my situation and why stuff is not done already :D

Another thing I wanted to talk about was the level cap, the level cap will raise to 20 when level 6 comes out. The reason there is a level cap is that I haven't made all the attack animations, and assets for all the pokemon and attacks. I spend a good amount of time on each attack making sure that it's just right. Some attacks don't even fit the tower defense model, for example sand attack, and these take a little bit longer to figure out a good alternative for them.

Finally, the next update will include: Releasing your pokemon, the first gym match, and an improved party select screen. I want to make the first gym match feel epic, but I have been thinking that it would be a little too easy if you have squirtle or bulbasaur. I'm going to have to do something about that :)

The new update should be out less than a week from today!

That's all I have for now. Thank for reading, and let me know what you think!


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