Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: A new beginning, a new place to play the game, level cap at 20 now.

UPDATE 3: Here is a link to download the apk file, don't ask me how to install it I'm not sure my self, apparently your save file will still work. 

UPDATE: If you go to the website on your phone and you full screen the game, it pretty much plays just like the app would, this is the best solution to playing on the phone, you only need to be online to start the game then you can go offline once the game loads. 

UPDATE 2: I will be posting the .apk file for those of you who know how to install those, the only problem right now is that your data will be deleted between updates, I will figure out a way to save your data online, so that you can restore it between updates. No specific date tho on when I can do this.

Well, we got suspended from the android marketplace (Nintendo asked them to remove us), so instead of killing the whole thing. I just found a new home for it. We are now located at Newgrounds!

Here is the link: 
Please register and rate the game :)

This version contains the new level cap (20), as well as new moves and new evolutions for your current pokemon.

A couple of extra notes:
  • You will have to start over, sorry :(
  • You can play on your phone's browser or your computer's browser. (Tried it on my phone's browser, it actually works great there, make sure to full screen the game).
I'm personally pretty bummed out about getting suspended, but it is what it is. Tell me what you think!


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