Saturday, March 26, 2011

PTD: Level 5 is out!

UPDATE: I updated the level and had to run out, so I forgot to include a couple of things. 
  1. Onix is spelled correctly :)
  2. You don't get the badge in this level, you will get the aftermath of this event on the next level (you aren't done in pewter just yet, there's a nice little museum there)
  3. Sandshrew and Geodude are the only pokemon used in one of the versions of the game (FireRed/LeafGreen) so I went with that.
  4. I was trying to get the update out quickly so my bad on the typo, will fix for next update (nobody wants to download a whole new build just for a simple typo)
  5. The "movie scene" is done so that you always lose a pokemon, so even if you bring one, the game will take that away. First it looks for a starter, then it looks for anybody else.
  6. Thunder wave should not work on ground pokemon, that is a mistake on my side.
  7. The fight will be a lot easier if you have all your pokemon at a high level, I didn't want to balance it around the fact that you would have 5 lvl 10s, since somebody that will play the game won't have that when there are more levels and they don't have to stop and repeat levels.
  8. The fight will be easy also if you use good strategy, like using tail whip, string shot, bite, it's meant to reward you if you do things like that.
Keep the feedback rolling, I will probably get a good amount of grammatical errors and spelling errors, I apologies in advance for that.

Did anybody think the level was tough?

A new update is out for Pokemon Tower Defense it includes:
  • Level 5 - First Gym Battle
  • Releasing Pokemon
  • New Party Select Screen (Uses Dragging instead of tapping)
  • Bug fixes that you guys pointed out:
    • Being able to place a pokemon out in random spots.
    •  Pokemon trying to learn a move that they already know.
Also just letting you guys know that this update doesn't increase the level cap, and that you can't catch any new pokemon in this level.

Enjoy, and as always let me know what you think! Good luck against Brock :)


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