Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: So what happens now? Donate button? Next Game? More pokemon defense?

It's been a really crazy day. Was just about to get the level cap update out, and bam I get an email from google that the app has been suspended and removed. I saw it coming but not this fast, it all has to do with the growth that we experienced. We ended up getting over 120,000 downloads, and I'm sure giving enough time we would have reached millions.

So what happens now?

I know a lot of you came for the pokemon tower defense, and if it wasn't here anymore you might leave. I don't blame you, but me and dan want to make games for a living. We want to make games for you guys. We have a game coming down hopefully in April, and I hope you guys can give it a look, when I post it here. It has ninjas.

So am I quitting pokemon tower defense? The answer is no. If they don't want it on the market place then it's not going to be there and it won't ever be there again. Nintendo spent a lot of money and work building up pokemon and I respect them for that. They need to protect their property, if they don't then everybody starts making games based on their characters. Talking to them is honestly something that I believe has a 0% chance of success. Why? Mainly because I'm a nobody right now. I'm trying to grow into somebody that they will listen to. My dream and the reason I started programming/making games was/is to make a pokemon mmo. I doubt that I will ever get the chance to do it, or that maybe once I'm popular/successful enough I might not want to do it anymore. But for now I will make smaller games that hopefully you will find worth your time.

If you think that I might be somebody worth investing your hard earned money into, I would be honored to accept it, I provided a donate button on the top right hand side of the page. Donate whatever you feel like donating. I don't want to take your money without giving something back, so if you donate send me a message with your email while doing the donation or just email some sort of proof that I can make sure you actually donated and I will give you a shiny starter pokemon (bulbasaur, squirtle, or charmander) in the tower defense game. If you are disgusted by the idea of donating, please let me know also. 

So at this point some of you might be like okay where my pokemans. I'm a little off balanced at the moment but level 6 will come this weekend.

Right now there are a couple of ways to play the game:

On your computer, go to
On your phone, go to or download and install the apk file at

Again please let me know what you think I'm looking forward to answering your comments/questions/suggestion/ideas. Have a nice day :)


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