Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Small update for people who donated.

I'm sending out the emails to all those who donated to get their shiny starters, you will need a new version of the game which you can find here (I also changed the link on the other blog post)

This version activates Mystery Gift, and lets you put in the code for you shiny pokemon.
If you donated $10 or more you will be getting something else that I'm still working on, if you donated $20 or more you will get even more additional stuff.

If you play in Newgrounds I uploaded a new version there but it might take a little bit until it actually shows up, I emailed tom over at Newgrounds to see if something was wrong.

If you didn't donate and don't plan on donating anytime soon you don't really need this update right now.

If you want to donate but don't know how or have questions just post a comment here or email me directly. To donate just click on the donate button to the top right of this page.

And just to remind you guys a new level will be coming out this weekend, and you can finally get your badges :D


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