Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Better ways to update and What is PTDLock?

UPDATE: Newgrounds has the latest version now (2.0.2) working on getting an exe/app, and apk out. Also looks like live updates is going to win so I'm preparing that also.
UPDATE: Added a rapid share link for swf file.
I'm publishing a new update (2.0.2) it fixes a couple of issues, if you aren't having problems just wait for the weekly update.

  • When getting mew using the mystery gift code sometimes it was not adding him correctly.
  • Now you can change what email you want to save your online profile in, this will help people that can't save properly.

I know a lot of you have had a lot of trouble getting to the new update (2.0.1), I apologies for any inconvenience that you might have had, I hope newgrounds will update tomorrow (monday).

Also I know that a lot of people also struggle with the apk file.

I want to bring in some answers for this.

First is the return to the marketplace, but this time we want to stay hidden, this means no reviews, no ratings.
I called it PTDLock, to play it just enter the code "ptd" and it should play like the regular game after that, I will no longer be posting the apk file.

I'm also replacing the exe for just a plain swf file that you can run on windows/macs. (See the Download Game Tab for the file)

For the web I'm considering using Mochi Live Updates, this basically lets me send one swf to all sites. When I update the game all of those will be automatically updated so no more waiting around. The only downside to this method is that Mochi forces me to put an ad at the beginning of the game (not during gameplay, only shows up once). So I want to ask you guys if you are okay with that, let me know what you think on the poll and on the comments below.

Use the save profile online/import profile online to make these transitions easier.


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