Friday, April 15, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 8 is out! Alpha v2.1

Level 8 is done are ready to be played, but please read this first before you go!

You will know if you are playing the new version because it will say Alpha v2.1.

First of all, I want to explain the pokemart. You go to the pokemart you buy the stone that you need, then you go select a level to play and on the party select screen you press on the pokemon that you want to use the stone with. You will see a button there "Use Item". Click on that, if the pokemon can use that stone you will see it there.

Second, on Level 8 - Mt Moon 1, there is a spot on the map that you put your pokemon in that looks brown instead of the usual orange. That spot is meant only for Rock Type pokemon! It's not a bug, only rock type pokemon can go there.

Third, codes for evolution stones for people who donated in the past will have to wait until next week, I didn't get a chance to add that into the game.

I will have a proper inventory screen later on, and the pokemart will get prettier as time goes on.

Fourth, I have currently sent the swf file to Newgrounds- Updated, Gamerfish-Updated, Freeworldgroup, Mofunzone, playtowerdefensegames - updated, funny games, Let me know if there is a site that you want me to send the update to!

Lastly, the level is possible to finish, trust me I have done it without cheating. Yes the level is difficult, enjoy.


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