Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: This week's update: Progress List

It's that time again. Here I will list out all my current objectives for this week. The main one is the pokemart! A new story level, (you can actually lose!) and some new pokemon. This week we are heading to Mt. Moon and meeting up with Brock. The sad news is that there will be no level cap increase, but I promise you all that next week the cap will increase ( I think).

Level 8 (Mt. Moon):

Intro (100% done)
Actual Level (100% done)
Ending (100% done)

New Pokemon (5) with New Moves (16) (100% done)
New Evolutions (5) with Evolution Stone(100% done)
Shiny Pikachu & Raichu (100% done) (Really low chance of him showing up, prize for different small contest)

The poll results for what you guys wanted to be done first are in! 14126 votes!
Pokemart got 46%, Shiny Wild Pokemon got 34%, and a Challenge Mode level got 19%!
Pokemart is the winner, but you can't have a pokemart without an inventory so that is coming out also.

Pokemart (100% done)

Small change in plan, there won't be an inventory screen, for now you can use the items on the pokemon's profile page (You get to it by clicking on the pokemon when selecting your party, then clicking on "Use Item")

Bugs/Fixes:(These are the ones I have finished, I'll be adding more as I get them done)
  1. Pidgey should now appear on route 3. (This is why some spearow had pidgeys moves)
  2. Pokemon in Viridian Forest 2 will give out more money to compensate how difficult they are.
  3. Metapod in Viridian Forest 2 were missing an attack, so I made sure that they have it now.
  4. Removing a pokemon that is currently in your party will now remove it correctly. 
  5. For Marketplace app users, you will only need to put the code once, then you won't ever need to put it, it will go straight to the game. 
  6. For app users, the game will no longer keep your screen on when you exit the game. 
  7. Your pokemon "towers" will now animate.
  8. Added Nintendo/Game Freak copyright and trademark acknowledgments.  
  9. Added more room to the bottom of the level on Brock's Gym, to make it easier to select pokemon on the bottom row.

As the week goes on I will be updating this post quite a bit. So stay tuned. As always let me know what you think :)


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