Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who's Dan? and what has he been up to? Preview of Ninja-ja!

Backstory time!
It was about five years ago that I decided it was time to get a real job. I ended up getting hired at a warehouse that some of my buddies worked in. It was there that I meet a young fellow named Dan. He seemed smart and very into video games. His brother who also worked there introduced us when he found out that we both had played World of Warcraft at some point. So Dan and I started talking about games and I was already into making games by then but had never finished anything. So I started throwing ideas at him that he could quickly and efficiently break down and destroy. He could tell me exactly why it wouldn't work. So for months I tried to come up with a something that even he couldn't find a fault to. Well I did come up with something, and finally got his attention. Also turns out that he was a graphic artist, so it was a perfect match.

So we both sit down and bounce ideas off each other until we reach an idea that we can both agree on. So far we have released one game together. While I have branched out and made 3 separate smaller games on my own, this next game, Ninja-ja, is our second game together.

Usually I come up with the game concept and we team up together to flesh out all the details, but one day I went to Dan and said hey why don't you come up with a concept. Dan already had one in mind even before I asked, and that is Ninja-ja.

Ninja-ja is designed to be played on a multi-touch device (most smart phones). You use two fingers (usually your thumbs) to guide your weapon where you want it to go.

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