Monday, April 4, 2011

PTD: This week's edition of What's Next?

Okay so a new week a new poll and new updates to come. Let's go!

For the poll I want you guys to decide part of the story, sorta like interactive story telling. You and Joey will be going back to Viridian Forest to capture and train some more. So should Joey capture a pikachu on his visit there? You decide!

Also I will be adding a FAQ Page soon that should answer a lot of questions, from updating the game, to why does Brock keep taking my pokemon. (Because you dropped it), also an unofficial forum seems to have made an appearance check it out and maybe we will make it an official forum :)

This week is not only about Pokemon Tower Defense. I will be showing off "Ninja-ja" our next game! It will be a reallllyyyyy early alpha version, but I want you guys to check it out and bring feedback every step of the way. This game will only be for the phones so keep that in mind, it also uses the multi-touch features of your phone.

Last but not least. What's next for PTD? This week will be all about compiling all the feedback/ideas/suggestions that you guys have brought up, from my email, comments on the blog, comments on newgrounds, and just making a giant list of things you guys want and trying to get those in order of what you guys want the most. Besides that a couple of new features are coming:
  • The Pokemart - Buy items using special SD coins that you can get in a number of ways. (More on that below), you can also buy items with the money you earn in the game.
  • Items menu - Use items that you buy in the pokemart or get while playing the game.
  • Viridian Forest Free Roam Level - Can't capture pikachu? Want to fight higher level pokemon to level up fast? This is your place.
  • Save your profile info online - A lot of people have been asking for this, and it should make things a lot easier. You will make an account (just email and password) that will store all your pokemon info, so that you can play where ever you want and not have to fear about losing your data!
  • Other things! - I can't promise you yet but you might be getting the first Challenge mode level, can you beat brock without your nice little Butterfree and your high level pokemon? We will find out.
Okay so more about those SD Coins (Sam Dan Coins). Well basically each day when you play the game and you log in with your online profile you will get a free SD Coin. You can use the coins to buy stuff like rare candies, evolution stones etc. Other games that I make will also give you an SD Coin per day just for login in the game. Another way to get them is to beat a challenge level, the first time you beat it you will be awarded some SD Coins. The last way, and fastest way, to get SD Coins is to buy them with real money (This is not ready yet.)

Again let me know what you think in the comments below or just send me an email. Lastly just reminding you guys about the Mystery Code.

Also don't forget to get your Shiny Starter, by donating any amount you will receive a code that you can put in the mystery gift and change your starter into a shiny. Also if you donate 10 or more you will also get rare candies and evolutions stone, finally if you donate 20 or more you will get all the previous gifts plus your very own shiny Mew!  To donate click on the donate button on the top right corner of the page.

NOTE: I'm currently giving out the shiny starters the other gifts will be given out this week coming up.


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