Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: This week's update: Level 7 Work in Progress List

This week's update is starting to shape up so I figured I would keep you guys updated on what's happening. Let's get to it.

Fixes/Tweaks: Pretty much all of these fixes are due to feedback that all of you have given me, either directly or indirectly. So keep it coming :) (Note: All these fixes are finished and will be available on this update coming up)
  1. Fixed badges showing up on profiles that didn't earn the badge yet.
  2. Level Select screen no longer requires scrolling (more of grid style).
  3. Shiny pokemon will get more experience per kill, roughly 50% more.
  4. If you have your sound fx and music muted, leveling up or evolving will no longer be heard.
  5. Lowered the amount of time the evolving popup window stays on before your pokemon evolves.
  6. Added an small animation to your pokemon when it's evolving.
  7. Pokemon that can't be captured now have a dark blue life bar.
  8. The game version number will be on the main screen so you know which version you are playing.
  9. Game saves more often now. (When you exit a level, and when you exit or enter the party select screen).
  10. Changed "Attack Speed" to "Attack Cooldown" in the attack description so that it makes more sense what that number really means.
  11. When your pokemon is ready to level up but you don't have enough money, he will have a red arrow but it won't blink anymore. Once you have enough money it will blink. This applies both to the party select screen and when you are playing a level.
  12. The graphic for Water gun is now 50% faster (Thanks zShenanigans)
  13. Pressing the back button (on phones) will in a level, will now show the exit confirmation dialog box.
  14.  The game will no longer let your phone go into sleep mode while it is on.
  15. Route 1 (Level 2) -Changed the spot close to the candy, moved it up so that it's easier to select your pokemon in that spot and added more room at the bottom of the level so that you can select the pokemon at the bottom row.
  16. Route 2 (Level 3) -  
  17. Moved the spot close to the candy to make it more useful.
  18. Pewter Gym (Level 5) - You will not have a pokemon taken away from you on this level, the intro was changed slightly to make up for this.
  19. Viridian Forest (Level 4) - Slightly tweaked how the bug catcher meets joey.
  20. Route 3 (Level 6) Fixes - 
  • Missing background in the intro.
  • Skip button showing up before you viewed the intro at least once.
  • All free roam pokemon will now give out money, but at a reduced rate. (1 per pokemon)
  • Added more room at the bottom of the level so that you can select pokemon at the bottom row.
New Features: 

Save Profile Online: This allows you to make a backup of your save file, that you can secure using a name and password. (100% done)

Import Profile Online: Using the name and password that you used to save the profile, you can import it wherever you want to play the game at. (The game must be v.2.0 for this to work.) (100% done)

New Pokemon:

Shiny Mew with 4 new moves (100% done)
New Pokemon for Level 7 with 2 new moves(100% done)


Viridian Forest Free Roam (Level 7):
  • Intro (100% done)
  • Level (100% done)
  • Ending (100% done)
Other stuff:

I know I said other features (pokemart, inventory) were coming but I might not have time to finish them. If I do end up having time I will post them here. As usual let me know what you think!

Also if you haven't already read the blog post before this one to check out the next game I'm working on Ninja-ja! Thanks.


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